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2018 NFL Thread


I’d be watching The Punisher on Netflix right now if Mahomes didn’t put up 4 TDs in the second half in week six.


Boom. He’s got a taste.


Of the turf… again.


It’s like everyone is trying to win the game in one play. That punt return for - 12… WTF?


I understand your criticism, I just think we should give him a chance. And that was a completion if not for that PI.


Three touchdowns this half… As long as Brady doesn’t have the ball last then we have a chance…

But with 7:45 left, and that opening drive of 8:04, this could be the last possession. Stupid Patriots.


Mahomes is the real deal. The Chiefs defensive coordinator sucks…or maybe 9 out of 11 of the players on the defense should be backups. I don’t know. Fuck.

Why did I even bother? I felt like they were going to lose the entire game because that’s what they do.

Fucking Dee Ford.


Ford lost that game for them. Straight up. It sucks for him, but that one play is what finished them. He gave them no advantage through his infraction, and he brought back an interception and the end of the game.


The fucking Buckner of the Chiefs.


The way I see it, Chiefs fans, though understandably disappointed, should be rejoicing. They have a total fucking stud at QB with a cannon for an arm and the fastest receivers in the league. All they have to do for the next 2 years is make big boy moves on defense and they’ll be in the SB soon enough.


We’ve been here before… It’s always one or the other - top offense or top defense. And it’s always balanced. Top offense, worst defense. Top offense with 16th defense would’ve done it this year.


In NO after the game:


Saints definitely got robbed. That no call was unreal. Pass interference and helmet to helmet.


Did you see the “roughing the passer” that got called on Brady yesterday? I think one finger gently grazed his facemask in a pass block attempt. That was a 6 point swing right there.

Mahomes took a forearm to the throat. No call.


I didn’t watch that game. I can’t stand watching a grown man whine for 4 hours.


I will say that Tony Romo is the best TV announcer in recent memory. He’s noticing things and breaking out the telestrator live. It’s cool seeing the perspective of a pro quarterback live.

He’s so psyched to be watching football too.


Not crazy about Glen Frey but I love Joe Walsh.


As a Chiefs fan, I found it frustrating that Romo was picking apart the Pat’s schemes in the first quarter but the Chiefs couldn’t.

He could have been wrong but it made sense to me.


Romo is great and so was Gruden on MNF. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Witten could be replaced with a card board stand in and no one would be the wiser.


Reminds me of the infamous Pats-Atlanta SB. In the 2nd half, Aikman(?) would say, oh look, that’s zone, that’s man-to-man, Brady knows exactly what Atlanta is bringing…uhhhh, Atlanta coaches? anybody home? adjustments anyone???