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2018 NFL Thread


Yep… Colts came and played like ass and your Chiefs deserved the win.
Obviously they will be playing New England and now I have to cheer for your guys to beat them.


So your guys better win next weekend!!!


The defense has looked good lately. It’s giving me hope! I was hoping the Chargers would beat New England but that’s not happening (41-14 now). That would’ve put Phillip Rivers or the Chiefs in the Super Bowl and I would’ve been happy with either outcome. I, too, am tired of the Patriots.


Any other Eagles fans on here? I don’t expect them to beat NO, but I’m sure as hell rooting for it to happen. If not them, I’m hoping for a KC vs. LAR super bowl.

I thought the Chargers would put up more of fight today. Disappointed this isn’t a better game.


I’m not an Eagles fan but I love a good sports story. Last year’s team was fun to watch and it was awesome to see the backup QB win the Super Bowl MVP.

I’m kind of torn between wanting to see that again or seeing Drew Brees win.

I have a couple favorite teams in pro sports and once they’re out I usually pick the best story or team who hasn’t won in awhile.


Damn, some of these are funny.


With the Colts being beat by KC I will root for KC to win it all. So I can at least say that my team lost to the SB champs in the playoffs.



I’m glad for that Parkey kid’s sake that his FG attempt was actually tipped, and the miss was not his fault.


Tip of the hat to Sean Payton -his coaching decisions turned the momentum of the game around, completely.

Now, that’s “great” coaching.

I remember my attention going elsewhere when NO lined up to punt, thinking, geez -kind of surprised Payton didn’t go all in and go for it…and then focusing back on the TV when the announcers finally saw the run happening. The camera guys, including the director, were so surprised it took them until after a commercial break, to find a camera angle that actually showed the run from a watchable perspective (not field level from behind).




That pass to Cooks though…




That pass interference call probably cost the Saints the game, but it was a great game and Legatron is a fuckin BEAST.


I guess KC defense stayed home. Oh well.


Suck it with your quick change punt belichick.


Yeah, but their defense has been garbage all season. 50 TD passes from a QB goes a long way.


I think the offense took the night off.


Mahomes is playing like a rookie 2nd stringer.


God I hate Patriots football
Rub route
Rub route


He’s playing like a kid in his first conference championship vs someone who was playing in the Superbowl when Mahomes was in elementary school. Goff had a super shakey first half until that touchdown run before the half. The pats’ new thing is to paint themselves as underdogs to stop things from being so boring, but nobody is more comfortable in the high pressure games.


It must be January because someone I forgot even plays for the Patriots just had a touchdown