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2018 NFL Thread


He had the same problem that Adam Gase had in Miami. Hubris. Have proved nothing and think they are smarter than the rest and will never admit fault.

Also him ragging on a reporter for not looking professional with his posture is outlandish considering the guy looks like a slovenly mess at all times.

Also what’s up with him and Gase and always having a pencil? The damn play sheets are laminated.


Heard he was “hardcore” on fitness…err, you’re frickin’ obese, how about leading from the front??? And practicing in the snow when the next game is indoors??? Errrr, you’re frickin’ obese, you don’t feel the cold.

Also looks to be one of those “fit the player to the system” and not the other way around coaches. Kerryon Johnson is very good and is definitely a weapon that needs to be used, I’ll give him that. But LeGarrette Blunt (misspelling intended lol) and Zach Zenner???..while you turn Matthew Stafford and the passing game into an afterthought?

Josh McDaniels was pretty good in Denver too (sarcasm)…even before The Indy Affair…

The Belichick (I misspell his name on purpose, what’s your excuse @polo77j :wink: coaching tree is pretty overrated imo.

Even Belichick -great, great GM; but as a Giants fan? -there are better coaches with fewer SB rings; I’m sure Philly fans would agree as well.


Lost me at the end. Look at the last 4 years of draft picks for the Pats. How many are on the team now? I would say crap GM but great coach. Makes bums into studs who all turn back into pumpkins when they leave


maaaaan, I’ve seen his fuckin’ name spelled all sorts of ways to the point the real way is floating out there somewhere in the ether


I know diddly about the draft. I know sports, and I do fantasy, so I basically know offensive players.

A quick look at the 5th year shows Garopolo in the 2nd round, James White in the 4th -2 pretty decent players. Also, 2 yrs ago was the penalty yr, and NE had no picks until round 3; 3 yrs ago their 1st pick was in the 2nd round.

To your point, was Randy Moss a bum that BB the coach turned into a stud, or was he a player that BB the GM recognized as a player who still had the tools but just needed a change of scenery and a better QB?

Also, BB has no emotional attachments whatsoever to his players, and as a GM will cut loose anyone he deems not worth the money. BB tried to trade Gronk (which would’ve been perfect timing) this past offseason, but Gronk said he would retire. Most coaches would be telling their GM that Gronk is my guy, he needs to be paid etc. etc…

Finally, I think BB’s ex-coaches get their hubris from BB himself. The Pats should’ve supplanted Miami with a perfect season. Miracle Catch aside, Patriots should’ve never, ever, lost to (my) Giants in that SB. And Philly last year, outcoached again.


Umm…Randy Moss was the Goat. Led the league in TDs his rookie year…did he stop trying for 2 years in Oakland? Yup. But if Kerry Collins was your qb wouldn’t you?


We’re talking past each other now.

My point is BB as the GM acquired Moss. BB the coach did not do anything to make Ross great, because as you say, Moss already was.


Point well made. My only counter to that was Moss had multiple 17 TD years when he was arguably younger and more in his prime. Then plugged into the Pats and records get broken.

But that also starts another BB debate. Great coach/GM? Or the Phil Jackson of Football getting genious credit for Brady’s Brillance. But then again, he went 11-5 with Matt Cassel and Cassel was a nobody after. My brain hurts.


I vote for Phil Jackson of Football, but less vomit inducing. Hubris for BB yes, thoughts of walking on water? -no

As a Knicks fan, I pounded the table on Phil’s schtick as hard as anyone (when he coached the Bulls). Is it karma or irony or both that Phil proves himself to be without clothes due to his tenure heading the Knicks???


My theory on the Cassel season? And yes, I’m probably reaching…

Sports teams have a certain momentum, if you will, that takes time to derail. If Cassel had come back the following season, then we would’ve seen disaster.

Brady Brilliance -we agree 100% on something!!! Although as a Giants fan, I still think that if Brady hadn’t turned Welker around with that key, key pass, Welker would’ve caught it and it would 6 SBs for NE.


I can explain the Cassel season easier. 6 games against the Jets, Bills and Fins.


@Despade did you laugh as hard as I did when the Jets hired Gase?

@flappinit I already know what you are going through. It’s the 5 stages of Gase. You’re on stage 2.

Stage 1 - I don’t get it phase. Doesn’t have HC experience/success and gets called a Guru when Payton Manning is the QB? Cutlers “best year” was still average. WTF are we doing.

Stage 2 - Convincing yourself phase. This is where you start to sell yourself that it’s a good thing. He took the fins to the playoffs year 1. RT17 had a good year before he went down. They had lots of injuries the past two years. Not his fault.

Stage 3 - Believing it phase. Usually after a few trick plays that are stellar, and a recovered surprise onside kick when your up 20+. Yeah he is an offensive genius. Guy is he next Shula. The Aqua Messiah.

Stage 4 - Questioning it. This is right after he trades, cuts or benches your top players because of an ego battle. You want to trust him that these guys are locker room cancer, that all of his friends he hires and protects like Matt Burke and any Chicago assistant recently fired are actually good. Deep down you know something is wrong. You still defend his .500 record and bottom ten offense each year. Injuries man.

Stage 5 - Acceptance. This guy is just an arrogant jerk who alienates good players and protects ‘yes sir’ players. Has final say on personnel and your team gets older, less deep and more injured each year. Says things moving in the right direction when you have the WORST defense in franchise HISTORY and say it’s the players not executing. Now let’s watch the team quit on him last game of the year twice in a row and show him the door.

Man, that was just straight catharsis. Feel much better. Enjoy the next 3 years Jets fans.



Is that why McDaniels pushed Cutler out in favor of the great Kyle Orton when he coached Denver for that gloriously disastrous tenure? To show up Gase?..Hah!

You’ll always have The Undefeated Season, and The Great Belichicadee to thank for it.


I don’t really have high hopes right now. The Jets are a trash organization. I’m used to it. I do disagree with you on Darnold being garbage, and the game being too fast for him. I agree with Aaron Rodgers - he has a bright future. It may not come to fruition with the laughable organization he’s in now, but he showed improvement as the year went on, which is all I need to be satisfied.


Good thing you now have a quarterback whisperer and guru like Gase!

I would rag less on Darnold if he played for any other team.


Considering I’m 32 and the perfect season happened before I was even a twinkle in my dads eye, it means nothing to me really.


To be fair, McDaniels pushed Cutler out for Orton, a first and third round pick, and another first round pick the next year.



(caveat: not a Cutler fanboy) As I’ve mentioned, I’m more of a fantasy football guy than a “real” football guy, but I simply disagree with trading an established producer for picks -picks are a crapshoot at best. To me, it’s like doing a 2(or 3, etc.) for 1 in fantasy, the team that gets the “star” almost always wins that trade. (cue Herschel Walker trade example here…)

The Khalil Mack for picks trade that Chuckie did is an especially egregious example imo.

Golden Tate just helped Philly win a playoff game. Philly gave up a 3rd round pick for a rental, but lots of teams would give up a lot more than that for a playoff win. I’m in the Philly camp.


Mike Mularkey: defintion of no ego.

Dude goes from being a head coach to a tight ends coach. Dude.


Is this real life? The Chiefs are hosting the AFC Championship…?