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2018 NFL Thread


I think the Bears were still up by a touchdown at that point, 23-17… I had a feeling, as soon as he dropped that ball, that Rodgers was going to Rodger. As you said. As for the 4th quarter meltdown, I’m going to blame Mack and Smith’s lack of conditioning. Holding out from camp and the preseason is a great way to fuck over yourself and your team when it matters most. Although at the end of the day, I can’t blame them… two potential future HOFers who want to be paid what they’re worth. I respect it. I just wish it didn’t have to cost us a game against the GD packers…

That’s true. The Bears moved Devin Hester from corner to receiver sometime around 2006 or 2007 I believe. He had good hands for a DB from what I remember, but his strength was his speed. He was a fairly average receiver at best. But when he returned kicks… wow



Maybe, if they stay 75% healthy. It will come down to the wire.

Possible. Defense is good enough. Offense is my concern.

Not feeling it. I think the Jags can take them. The Steelers are getting old.

Texans. The Ravens are either really good or terrible. The terrible concerns me.

Rams defense is on it, but watch out for SF.

No. Saints defense a problem. Falcons are loaded. The OC could be the difference, but Brres cannot save them everytime.
North - Vikings

Nah, GB or Houston. Panthers will be near 8-8.


I’m a Chicago guy, so I’m always in the heated “Jordan vs LeBron” argument whenever it comes up. Honestly, it’s apples to oranges IMO. The only argument that I’ve heard that is valid is that Michael Jordan basically played against mailmen and grocery store cashiers. Most of his highlights are him dunking on some 6’6" (his own height) white dude who isn’t even trying to contest it. LeBron is playing against much better competition.

All of this to say that I believe AB is better. To be fair, I was in 1st or 2nd grade when Jerry Rice retired, and I think I was in diapers (or in my father’s balls) when he was in his prime. I might catch some hate, but all I’m saying is that I’m assuming that Jerry was playing against mailmen and bank tellers just like Michael Jordan was when he was proclaimed to be the GOAT. BUT: at the end of the day, they were both the best players in their time. If we look at Tupac and Biggie compared to some of these modern rappers, who is better? Is it [insert modern rapper here] because he/she has more record sales, or is the East/West beef never going to be topped by anything? Are we comparing statistics to legacy, or are we comparing an exaggerated past to a painfully objective present? Era vs. Era comparisons are very difficult to make. It just depends how you look at it. Of course, that makes me a hypocrite for saying that AB is better, but again, I’m only saying that because of the perspective I’m looking at it with.

How much longer is he under contract with the Steelers? And is he planning on staying in Pittsburgh, or does he want a big contract from whoever will pay him?

I think I heard this, too. I guess if you make the playoffs every season for you entire career as a franchise QB, you have some clout in the front office. Makes sense, but I think what Brady did is just one step above (or below, depending which way you look at it) what Favre did with Rodgers. Rodgers sat on the bench for a few years behind Favre, and I recall watching an interview with Favre where he talked about Rodgers as if he was just some annoying nobody who wandered into their quarterback meetings. Favre was helpful to an extent, but they never formed a solid relationship like you would hope your quarterbacks would. A young player, especially a young quarterback, would benefit immensely from having close relationship with his predecessor who also happens to be a shoe-in HOFer.

I had this discussion with one of my buddies the other day. Who deserves more credit: Brady or Belichick? I think without BB, TB12 is an occasional pro bowler, maybe 1 time super bowl champion. Easily still in the upper echelon of NFL QBs, but no way does he have 3 rings if he’s the quarterback in another system. And another advantage that they both have is that they’ve been together the entire time. As far as I know, Tom Brady was never a starter on another team. BB and TB have been working together for well over a decade (I believe). Not many organizations have that stability at such crucial positions. Me, being a Bears guy, am very jealous of what New England has in that regard. We flip through quarterbacks and head coaches like a blind kid flips through a book. It’s brutal.


Bell has no contract, hes on his last franchise tag year. He wanted $17M/year with $40M guaranteed or something. Steelers offered $14M/yr with $33M guaranteed. No dice. He only has to play in 6 games this year to fulfill the franchise tag and be a free agent for 2019. So the thinking is he’ll hold out till week 11 and get paid what he wants by someone else in 2019.

No way he’s a steeler next year. The rooney’s and Colbert tried to play ball and make him the highest paid RB in the league, despite the MJ and injury history. They’re done with him.


Patick Mahomes, who the hell is this guy… 4TDs in the 3rd at Pittsburgh and 8 on the year. Jesus…


Yeah. Ben had 452 yards, 3 passing TDs and one rushing TD with no picks… and the steelers still lost. Good thing they fired the offensive quordinator and not Butler on defense last year. It was Jacksonville playoff game all over again.

Steelers D made Mahomes look like Hall of Famer today.

Pats lost. So there’s that.


We might need a new thread after this atrocity of a statement, lol.

As for the GOAT receiver convo, I may be a little biased but Randy Moss was the most dangerous and talented receiver I have ever seen. He changed the game and how defenses played. Give him Joe Montana and Steve Young for his whole career and he would most likely have a majority of Rice’s records. Add in the fact that Jerry got to play in the revolutionary(at the time) west coast offense and also never played against Tampa 2 defenses, you can make a very solid argument for Jerry not being the GOAT.


Who the hell is this Fitzpatrick guy? WTF?


That’s Fitzmagic to you


I’ve almost picked him up off waivers for Fantasy twice now haha I just can’t buy it! On a side note, my three favorite headlines from ESPN this morning, “Is the Giants’ season over?!” “Is the Raiders’ season over?!” “Is Jameis Winston’s time up in Tampa?”


I sincerely hope Fitz plays well the next two games, unseats Famous Jameis, and we get the Tampa Bay/Jacksonville super bowl we all know we deserve.

That said, the best thing to happen in the NFL this weekend is Vontae Davis retiring mid-game. That’s incredible.


Seriously! I loved it, ha! “Yeah he changed into his street clothes and left the facility.” The dude was flat done. Also Fitzmagic snagging DeSean jackson’s clothes for the presser? haha that’s fantastic.


They didn’t have “Is the Dynasty over for New England?”


Oh man! That would be fantastic. I hate Jameis. That cocksucker should be in prison not on a football field.



Own it boss-man!


I’ve picked him up and dropped him 2 times in 2 weeks, lol


When did Conor McGregor join the NFL???


Ha, it was:
“Pats Outplayed by Jags?”
“Out coached by the Jags?”
“Bortles outplays Brady?”


It’s what I love about the sports media. You lose, the sky is falling and your team is through. You win, your headed to the play-offs.
Of course, the Jag’s out played the Pat’s… they won. Unless some catastrophic ref -errors occurred, the winner usually out plays the loser.


Josh Gordon to the pats … I’m intrigued