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2018 NFL Thread


Charges didnt impress me offensively at all …


He simply doesn’t have the arm strength to zip the ball to tight windows, like into the cover 2 zone that the Colts love to use.

With a noodle arm, he has to loft the ball to (fast) open guys like Will Fuller (injured) or loft it jump ball style to DeAndre (best hands in the game) Hopkins.

Lamar looks a lot worse than DeShaun because his WRs are much worse.


The Raven’s defense is really good.


Holy fucking shit, upright and a crossbar. Goddamnit bears.


I love those uprights!!! Go Eagles!!!


Dependable kickers are underpaid LOLLLLL!!!


That was like two heartbreaking losses in one.


I’ll beat the dead horse one last time.

Golden Tate ran a great route, and made a nice catch. BUT, if either Deshaun Watson or Lamar Jackson had tried to make that throw, it would’ve floated enough for the DB to close and get a hand on it. Just saying.


Glad the (goal) posts could play some defense for you guys. I used to enjoy your (forum) posts, see you in hell @antiquity! j/k


I hate the Eagles but if they don’t take that starting job away from Wentz and give it to Foles… they really are the dumbest franchise in the history of the NFL


Unfucking believable.

What a terrible way for the season to end.

Edit: Just pick up the goddamn ball! Fuck. I swear we lost a game in Week 17 against the Packers in 2012 or 13 because what everyone thought was an incomplete pass was actually a fumble forward out of the QBs hand.


I enjoy reading everyone’s posts about their stupid teams. Go Chiefs! :laughing:

Four playoff wins in my life, but only one Divisional round win. Fingers crossed!


Howdy … Pats fan here … If the Pat’s should fall (I suspect they might), I’ll be rooting for the Chiefs …


Well, that’s nice of you! The Chiefs aren’t the Browns but they have a way of falling short and disappointing everyone. I’ve seen many promising seasons erased by first round playoff losses. Their defense has me nervous.

If they fail then I’ll be pulling for Phillip Rivers and the Chargers.




Stupid Andrew Luck and the Colts peaking at the right time!

They were showing how the Colts have beat the Chiefs the last three times they’ve met in the playoffs. They tried to make it look like they have the Chief’s number but everyone has had their number in the past 25 years.

I’m not worried about the Colts. I’m just worried that it’s a playoff game.



You guys are so lucky you didn’t get another one of those over-rated ex-Belichick coaches! And with hindsight, a prima donna one at that (Josh McDaniels).

Especially applicable since Bill O’Brien, an ex-Pats OC, managed to score a whole 7 points against the Colts.

Look how great the Lions are going to be now that Matt Patricia is their coach LOLLLLL!


Hell most of us here didnt want the ass hole in the first place… Most have a pipe dream of getting Jim Harbaugh away from Michigan . But everyone is pretty damn content with Frank Reich now.

Amazing how well all these assistant coaches do once they leave New England…


Heh. Where’s that big bulldog smile pic of yours lol?


TBF it’s his first year. You expect miracles? It took Belichick 2 seasons w/ the Pats to win a Super Bowl and Patricia isn’t Belichick…