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2018 NFL Thread


Isn’t Marvin Lewis getting fired one of the signs of the apocalypse?


He recommended Hue on his way out… master troll there.


How about that?

Given: I don’t know a lot about any of this, so does this seem like a valid post mortem on the current state of the Stillers, or is this the sports talk version of a gossip column?


Drama queen receivers are nothing new in the NFL. It’s funny when he’s beating 3 ravens at the goal line for the game sealing touchdown, not so endearing when they miss the playoffs.

Is this a symptom of a coaching staff that “lost the locker room”? Dunno.

Coach friendly let him get away with his whiney/quirkey bullshit for years: Showing up to camp in a helicopter, Facebook livestreaming a private team meeting, assaulting a Gatorade cooler. First time he actually gets punished he wants traded. Meh, kind of a non story. The offense isn’t the problem anyway.


I read this morning that Tomlin said he did not request a trade.


I read somewhere there would be a $21MM salary cap hit if he were to be traded.


Priorities. It’s all about priorities.


Worst show I was ever forced to watch


DeShaun Watson and Lamar Jackson both throw at 49mph, aka Noodle Arms.

Today’s game highlighted the downside of that type of QB. Watson couldn’t make a lot of throws he needed to make simply because he doesn’t have the arm for it. Announcers made it seem like Watson just needed to step up his game or something…well, if it takes 4.4 speed for a RB to break a play, and the RB doesn’t have 4.4 speed, there’s nothing the RB can do.




Jesus… Allen Hurns ankle!



Go Stee…

Oops, I mean “maybe next year.”.


How many times the Chargers have to score the exact same 1yd TD before the refs stop calling Vegas? Sheesh.


That Lamar Jackson sure did look great…


Lol. At one point he was 3/12 for 40 yards with 5 sacks for a 0.0 passer rating. I know Flacco is trade bait, but he should’ve been in the game.


That BS semi-successful late comeback attempt will be juuust enough to seduce the Ravens into thinking Lamar can be the man at QB. LOL.

Not a coincidence that both DeShaun and Lamar fell flat on their faces in the playoffs. Of course, Houston’s injured WRs and Baltimore’s “comeback” will give their fans false hope…


Hell I though they had it on that rolling catch ! The ball had broken the plain when he regained control and was touched.


DeShaun looked horrible… I guess even before the game local Houston sports casters were saying his accuracy was sub bar.


As someone rooting against the Belichicks, I was glad to see San Diego get that scare at the end of the game when they obviously had mentally chalked the game up as a win already.

Now the Chargers will not be waltzing into NE over-confident, with the result of getting their clocks cleaned.

edit to add: the “Belichick” spelling was intentional LOL @ActivitiesGuy