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2018 NFL Thread


All this talk of Steelers fans complaining when they have a great–and I mean GREAT–head coach in Mike Tomlin, as well as a franchise quarterback, is hilarious. Those are the two cornerstones of any perennial playoff team. If your team does not have one of those, the chances of them making the playoffs is low. If your team has neither, your team’s chances are essentially zero. I’m not saying anything new here, either, which I’m sure most of you guys know. Look at the teams who are leading the league and then consider who their head coaches and QBs are. Reid/Mahomes, Belichick/Brady, Tomlin/Roethlisberger, McVay/Goff. It’s late and I’m tired, so I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few. Even my Bears, with Reid’s former apprentice Matt Nagy and North Carolina alum, and painfully unpolished NFL QB Mitchell Trubisky, are in the playoffs. A possible long-term head coach and franchise QB who have turned an abysmal offense into a serviceable one.

I digress. Back to my original point. There are a few fans, from various teams in various sports, whom I cannot stand. Packers. Eagles. Steelers. Packers. Patriots. Cowboys. Rams (because my cousin is from STL and extremely annoying about the Rams and Cardinals). The list goes on. Oh, also Packers fans. Can’t stand 'em.

Why on God’s green EARTH could you possibly complain about if you’re a Steelers/Patriots/Packers fan? Are you sick and tired of going to the playoffs every year? Does having one of the few longest-standing AND successful HC/QB combos really get on your nerves?

I’d also like to clarify, I am purely saying these things out of jealousy. Being a Bears fan from 1997-2018 has been a pretty rough go, with the exception of the 2006-2008 Bears defense. I would love to have a franchise quarterback, and I’d love to have a HC who can give us more than one winning season. I’m also completely for the Bears dropping Jordan Howard and picking up Kareem Hunt once he gets off Goodell’s exempt list. Put Cohen in the slot occasionally and let him be a return specialist.

Also, completely off-topic: this was my first year playing fantasy football, so I had no idea what the fuck I was doing during the draft. I couldn’t find enough people who wanted to join a league, so I have 4 people in mine. I went 3-10. Lost 5 games by less than 10 points. Drafted AB number one overall and Julio Jones number 8 overall. Those are the only two people I have left from my original roster. I picked up Mahomes after week 3, and I had Kareem Hunt all season, and I still went 3-10. 4 person leagues are BRUTAL. My team is full of pro bowlers (Mahomes, Lindsay, Chubb (?), AB, JJ, and like I said, Kareem Hunt) and I still got blown out half the time. Who’s down for a TNation FF league next year?


Did you see what they did on Sunday? They lost.

The sun rises and sets based on their performance, and if you haven’t noticed, the days have been getting shorter all season.

If they don’t unfuck themselves in very short order we are going to be plunged into a world of darkness.

This isn’t just a 'burgh thing anymore. We’re talking crop losses, famine, chaos&shit. It’s crazy. It’s gonna be like the Bubby Brister era all over again. Nobody wants that.


Thats a joke right? Flacco hasn’t been ‘on’ in years and when he was it was behind a real Oline, elite defense and actual talent.

Fins have a SS, CB, Minka(who knows what he plays anymore) and 2 decent Wide outs currently sitting on IR. That’s it.

My only defense on not firing Adam Gase is how the hell did he get this team to 7 wins?


He has flashes of greatness. I think he’s still a NFL starter.


Many thanks to the Steelers on their loss from a member of the Colts nation.


Flacco was having one of his best years statistically before the hip injury.


Pat Mahomes wouldn’t take the fins to 10 wins. Problem they have had for the 3rd year in a row I half of the starters are on IR. Yet they still sign 30+ year old free agents.

I honestly have no idea who should be the favorite going into the post season for the AFC. Do you really trust any of these teams to win a road game? Safe bet is the chargers, balanced team and technically every game they play is a road game…


The Raven’s are dangerous. I wouldn’t sleep on them. They play the Pats well in Boston, they barely lost in OT to the Chiefs at Arrowhead, and they just beat the Chargers in LA.

I’m still not on the Jackson train, but running/controlling the clock and that defense could make a run.

If they beat the Browns…


Man I know what you mean, this year is pretty surreal, just waiting for something terrible to happen. And going to the Super Bowl with fucking Rex grossman to fumble TWO snaps, still hurts.


I am loving the Browns right now haha Mayfield kills me, love his style, also love that all the talking heads hate how he conducts himself, ask a 23 year old for a hot take, you’re gonna get a hot take :joy: If I wasn’t a Dolphins fan I’d be jumping on the Brown Bandwagon entirely because of Baker.


That’s kind of a requirement of just about any good NFL QB? TBD line may not have to be elite, but it has to be solid. Matt Cassel looked great the year Brady went down but only average the next year with the Chiefs. Prescott’s rookie season was due to a phenomenal line and running game.

I bet you enjoyed that opening kickoff return though!


Won my fantasy football league. Top 5 scorers were Baker Mayfield, Robby Anderson, Michael Thomas, C.J. Uzomah (yes, not an error), and George Kittle. I had Melvin Gordon, and he was only 6th on the list.

If I had the balls, and if I could’ve waited to see if Gurley was playing or not, C. J. Anderson would’ve been #3 (Anderson was my only late game player on the roster).

Compiling fantasy points during playoff time is about matchups, and momentum. Not “names”.



This is an accurate picture except the ravens and steelers should be inside a burning dumpster lol.


He’s not awful. He’s a fantastic QB2 from here on out.


Absolutely. By the time the playoffs come around, starters are injured and solid backups have found their role. I’m starting Jamaal Williams and Eli McGuire (Packers and Jets RBs, respectively) this week, and I had no idea who they were at the beginning of the season. Playing fantasy has definitely gotten me much more involved in the NFL


Oh my fucking god, dude. Here we go…




Mayfield tried. I don’t have much faith in Baltimore in the playoffs.


I donno, man. Mayfield did just set the rookie td record, he’s gonna be a beast soon enough and the Browns are not a shit team anymore. If the fumble at the goal line isn’t whistled dead the outcome could very well have been different.

That said, they play the chargers who they just beat and then Chiefs I believe who they played tough the first time.

I’m still not sold on Action Jackson, though.