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2018 NFL Thread


This Raven’s defense, wow.


Congrats on winning the North. Excellent game.


Pfft, Raven’s will probably lose to the Browns, again


So you’re saying Baker > Rivers? All aboard the hype train! lol


Lol, no, the Raven’s just like to lose big games that matter to inferior opponents.


This fins jags game is like watching a live abortion.


Super competitive, lol


I love his hate for Hue:


I just love a QB with personality and a pair of stones. This decade or two trend of QBs always playing the PC route is boring. They all act like politicians, I want a QB to do fortnite dances, beef with his ex coach and explain his performance by saying “I woke up feeling dangerous”. Typing all of this only makes me hate Ryan Tannenhill more.

Hey, Dolphins…


Steelers Saints tied up at end of half. Without ref ball it’d be 14-0 Steelers. Going to be interesting.


Ohhhh, shit I think Tomlin’s getting fired again. Why would you go for it on 4th at your own 40???


He’ll get the Marvin treatment and stay for 10 years too long. A fake punt in that situation?

Last 4 losses are after the Steelers had a 4th quarter lead and blew it. Tomlining.

Go Ravens. AFC North represent.


I still can’t believe they tried that fake punt with a lead…


Have you been reading what I write? Tomlin is a bad coach. Full stop.


Lol, hard to argue with that call.


How are the Ravens in first in their division!! Wonder where Flacco is going to end up next year. Probably jaxonville lol. How good would Mahomes be if his team could play defense :joy:


That Steelers tie came back to bite them.

I’m betting Flacco ends a Redskin, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in Miami, Jacksonville, or Arizona. I think Denver would be the best fit, though with the emergence of Lindsay.


The Chiefs would be super bowl favorites if they didn’t give up 90 points a game, lol. Mahomes should win MVP this year.


I would hate that but I’m pretty sure Tannenhill is gone and we will look for a stop gap QB for 1-2 years. Flacco or Teddy B is my guess. Either way the fins are trash and will be 8-8 forever. Sigh.


Wen Flacco is “on” he really is elite. Might get you to 10 wins.