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2018 NFL Thread


Too lazy to read the rest of what I missed today but should be mentioned the one time the fins beat the Pats for the division title we tied their record and they lost Brady for the year. AFC East has been garbage since I’ve had hair on my boys.

Damn, come to think of it for my entire adult life before Gase came to town the only other time we made it to the playoffs was with the Jets former QB.

I need a cold shower.


What happens when a team can both score points (ranked 4th) and has just a middle of the road defense (17th):


I thought rivers was going to get hurt, 5 sacks… sheesh. His rating was as 89 to mahomes 110, but he escaped with the W. I didn’t know the chiefs had won 9 straight against the chargers.


Fins on the road for a must win game… my confidence levelimage


Can’t believe I’m typing this, GO PATRIOTS!


And they let me down…


Don’t worry. Stillers play the Saints in their dome next weekend.

Ravens just have to beat the Chargers. Easy Peasy. :yum:



Tomlin can keep his job this week.


Let’s see who makes a deeper playoff run… Pats or Steelers.

Steelers will look past the Bengals just like they looked past the Broncos and Raiders and Browns this season.


This type of shit drives me nuts

Not that anyone cares, but Flacco’s first three starts were division games one of which was against the eventual Superbowl Champions (Steelers) and 3 of 5 were against top ten defenses in 2008 (Ttl points #1 Steelers, #2 Titans, and #7 Colts). His other 2 starts were against the Browns (#16) and Bengals (#19).

Jackson hasn’t played a defense ranked higher than 25th…

Solid comparison.


"…popularised in the United States by Mark Twain (among others), who attributed it to the British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli: “There are three kinds of lies : lies , damned lies , and statistics .”

Lamar Jackson has a noodle arm -threw 49mph at the NFL combine. Flacco was at 56mph. For reference, Mayfield and Mahomes throw 60mph.


I won the semi-finals of my fantasy league. My opponent had the best overall record during the regular season; unfortunately for him, his roster included Keenan Allen (hurt during game,0 points), Aaron Jones (hurt during game, 0 points), and inexplicably Michael Gallup (sucks, 0 points).

I tried to match him with Lamar Miller (hurt during game, 0 points), Tyler Boyd (hurt 2nd half), and Randall Cobb (concussion before his garbage time glory).

Our two teams combined for the lowest point total of any matchup all season.

Winning fantasy football involves so much luck. Fantasy baseball FTW.


Dear Santa,
Please let the chargers beat those mean old ratbirds. Also in the spirit of Christmas please get Suggs some benadryl and Flacco some glucosamine.


I think he deserves some bleach but that’s just me…


Santa’s not real.


Neither is the Raven’s offense with Jackson!


“They’re 4-1” - Delusional Raven’s fans


Their defense on the other hand… is confirmed.

Elite defense with meh quarterbacking worked for Russel Wilson for a few years.


True, Trent Dilfer has a super bowl after all.