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2018 NFL Thread


pure insanity.

so glad I got to see this live. incredible.


Someone put the titanic song to it and it’s just perfect






Gronk missing the tackle on the game winner for 69 yards… I think he whiffed because he was giggling


As a Pats fan, me too. That was ugly as hell. If they can’t stop a fuckin pop warner play they don’t deserve to win. Also, I get why Gronk was out there (to help defend a hail mary) but my God stop putting Gronk out there on defense he got fucking schooled…


Yeah. 6’8" 270#s is great for tight end, bad for a corner.

Can we get some JuJu appreciation? This guy is special. He’s like Antonio Brown without the assaulting Gatorade coolers.


JuJu Smith-Schuster is definitely one of those under the radar monsters.


He technically at safety but your point still stands…


This is part NFL, part things that make you chuckle: When people get overly salty that their team lost. Got a buddy at work who is a die hard Pats fan, and me, being a 'Phins fan, obviously has to talk some shit…well he’s a little on the defensive and blustery, and it just kills me haha “Too soon,” he says, very seriously and defensively. :joy:


Nah man, your friend is a sensitive nancy boy bitch. Take the loss and good nature ribbing in stride - your phins always play us hard down in Miami … always a good game.


Ha! I know and I love it, I rib the shit out of him every time, and it gives me great pleasure!


This is probably every team, but I always get a good laugh at how butt hurt Raven’s fans are whether it’s a win or a loss.

Held the number 1 offense to their lowest output of the year.


Chief’s have the 30th ranked defense… Jackson did have 2 TDs, but not much else. He did make a couple of crucial 3rd down conversions, but 218 total yards (321 for the team)isn’t gonna get it done. Mahomes had 377 yards passing.


These are actually pretty tame compared to a lot I see.


That’s the move Gronk makes on offense to make the defenders whiff. I think Gronk was just being Gronk.


Revel in man … I hope y’all get a wild card slot too


Go to any team’s Reddit after a loss. It’s like stage 4 cancer and herpes levels of salt.


Where DBCooper? I suppose Garapollo is too busy having his dick sucked by DB to do anything useful this year.


Didn’t Garapollo tear his ACL?


Flacco out, Jackson named the starter against Tampa Bay.


Injury or no faith in him? How long do hips take to heal?