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2018 NFL Thread


I saw that and laughed pretty hard.

Vick is a complicated subject for a lot of people. I think he paid his debt to society and seemed genuinely humbled / contrite after his prison time, but I know lots of people that will never accept that, and can’t really argue that vehemently against them.

Regardless of your feelings on his past, I don’t think he will make a very good OC. The guy had breathtaking athleticism but never really learned “how to play QB” - so I don’t think he’s likely to be a very good play-calling mind. I’d have a little more faith if he had gone and coached under Andy Reid for a couple years.


What is it with NFL players and hotels…


Isn’t that where all the playas bring the groupies for a little banging? The private pad is for the “significant others”.

Rotoworld claims the Eagles may have interest in Hunt. My money is on the Redskins -Kareem Hunt and Reuben Foster can be PR bookends…



Baltimore is the rushiest team in the league with Jackson starting. I wonder if the rest of the NFL went light and fast with linebackers to cover tight ends, now a run heavy team can win games. For this 3 game stretch it’s looking like

Jackson > old Flacco


Well, ya, all they do is run the ball… It’s a college offense. Gus Edwards came out of know where too, but Jackson does helped the run game.

Agree to disagree. Let’s see how he does against a team with a record over .500 and even a decent defense.

  • Baltimore fans would have called for Flacco’s head if he had 200 ttl yards, 1 td, and 3 fumbles especially against the 28th ranked defense…


Refs directly spotted the chargers 15 points on that game. Holy shit was that officiating bad.


In relief of injured starter Colt McCoy, Mark Sanchez hands the ball to Andrian Peterson for a career high 90 yard touchdown on MNF for the redskins against the defending super bowl champs to take the lead.

In 2018 that is the most confusing sentence in sports so far.


Retreads for the win.


In a nutshell, that encapsulates the Eagles post SB season.

Mark frickin’ Sanchez was mediocre his entire career, was out of a job because he had regressed to sucking, and was signed 2 weeks ago because he “knew the system”.

Say you have a positive football IQ (even single digits suffices), do you honestly believe that Mark Sanchez will be throwing on his first play from scimmage in years?! I’d have 8 in the box, plus I’d be run blitzing all my DBs as soon as the ball was snapped.

Monday morning QBing is easy, sure. But giving up that run??? ROFLMFAO


Pretty sure they were in wide 9 too. I’m watching thinking this is mark Sanchez, he’s not throwing it. It’s a one cut zone running scheme. Danger will Robinson danger. Them boom. AD takes off like he’s got a switch in his hand and TMZ is behind him.


Well done, Sir.


First rookie QB to win his first 3 games, only rookie besides Flacco to win 2 post season games, only QB besides Big Ben to make it to 2 AFC championships his first 2 years. Man did he crash and burn hard, and he was never anything spectacular as far as I saw, but he has more accomplishments than a lot of starters in the league right now, surprisingly enough.


He was never mediocre. He was throwing for like 160 yards in 2 of those first three games and had like a low 60 passer rating his rookie year. That defense for those two years was like a real life Madden 99 overall rating and won those games and playoff runs. Not him. Hell he actually statically peaked years later at Philly.

He was always garbage and got to hide behind a godlike defense and solid running game. I cannot believe I am about to say this. If they had even a mediocre QB they could have won a chip.

Pennington was a mediocre QB. Sanchez was/is trash. Butt fumbling hot dog eating trash.


You shouldn’t have said that. It’s true, but you shouldn’t have said it.


I know, I feel so dirty. Fins up!


Baltimore’s defense, wow


My eyes are still bleeding from the end of the fins game. Wtf did I just see. How is this team 7-6. We went into the game with the 4th worst offense and 4th worst defense in the league


Lol, that was a wild game.

Tough loss for the Raven’s. I thought they played the Chiefs really well. That’s a damn good team. Mahomes is the real deal.


Mahomes is football evolution in real time. He is Steph Currying the league. Rule changes plus his skill set at the same timing. Kids got a cannon, but sounds like Kermit.


Heartbreaker for the Ravens. They almost beat the best team in the league with a backup QB.

Glad the Pats lost. What a play.

The Steelers have now tied the browns and lost to the Raiders. Talk about playing down to the competition. Season over. They’ll do just well enough to get crummy draft pics.