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2018 NFL Thread


I just turned it on, two 100 yard rushers… I don’t think they’ve collectively rushed for over a hundred in a game this year.


Clowned the bungle’s defense. Thanks Lamar.

Damned if Ramsey and Haden aren’t amazing defensive backs for the jags. He may run his mouth, but he’s good. Ben R. only played one quarter, but is was the most important quarter. Trap game defeated.


…54-51. What a fucking game.


Had to watch on my phone while doing some maintenance on a machine and briefly lost streaming service at the end of the game so I check google and the game is almost over, like a minute left, and the Chiefs have gotten the ball back with time to score and tie/win it. The first thing I see below the actual score is Skip Bayless on twitter saying that nobody can stop the Chiefs now, OT is coming but a Chiefs win is more likely. It was at that point that I, along with everyone else who knows how much of a fucking idiot Skip Bayless is, knew that the Chiefs were going to lose. 20 seconds later, interception, game over, Rams win.

Honestly. Fox Sports is paying the guy 5.5 million per year for four years with a 4 mil signing bonus. 26 million. He is making more than most professional athletes, and got his career by ripping on Lebron, always being wrong, and averaging 1 point a game in college. What the fuck.


Maybe the next time they meet they can just leave the defenses on the sidelines.


It irritated me to see Marcus Peters celebrating like he made the game winning play. The only role he played was catching the wounded duck that was 15 yards under thrown because the D end hit Mahomes as he threw it.

Maybe he was celebrating the fact that he caught it since D backs are receivers with bad hands.


I like how they canceled the game in Mexico due to poor field conditions and then the field at The Coliseum looked like it received 4" of rain before the kickoff.


Ouch! Hope he heals up and doesn’t have daily pain to walk.


Most NFL players can’t catch a football.


Statistically speaking, yes. I was having a conversation recently about the difference between college and NFL.

The college QBs who mostly run seem to fizzle out quickly in the NFL because the defenses are so big and fast. They have great success at the college level and then none in the NFL. There is a big gap between the two, but the gap seems smaller on the offensive side (for non QBs).

It’s not uncommon to see a WR or RB have immediate success in the NFL.

Whether this is right or wrong the discussion ended with the other person saying that NFL DBs are receivers who couldn’t catch :laughing:


What’s crazy about this is it was exactly 33 years ago on this day that Theismann broke his leg. .On the same yard line… With the same team… And the game had the final ending score… AND Joe Theismann was in attendance.


Favorite reactions at the moment:
Baker Mayfield snubs Hue Jackson
Reporters ask Baker Mayfield “Why?”
Baker Mayfield Responds, “I don’t like him.”
Reporters and talking heads, “:open_mouth:

Ask an extremely competitive 23-24 year old athlete a loaded question and then act shocked and angry when he expresses an opinion you don’t like.


When the Browns Corner handed the interception to Hue… just classic. They all hate him.

If you spent your whole life learning a skillset, and your earning career only lasted 5-10 years. Then you get a shitty boss who wastes two years of that career going 3-36-1, you’d hate him too.


Perhaps the most humorous revelation of the week is that the Bengals are considering moving on from Marvin Lewis (good!) but not by firing him (huh?) instead moving him into a front-office role (what?) - and replacing him with Hue Jackson (head explodes).

Marvin Lewis is one of those guys that probably deserves a little more credit than he gets but clearly has run his course in his current position. The Bengals were a complete train wreck before he arrived; they hadn’t had a winning season since 1990 or even an 8-8 season since 1996, and were 2-14 the season before he took the Bengals job. Since he took over, they’ve been competitive more often than not (seven playoff berths) and never truly bottomed out for a prolonged period (never more than 2 losing seasons in a row, which doesn’t sound that great until you look at the 1990’s again), but that “zero playoff wins” stands out on the resume & makes you wonder how on Earth an NFL team keeps the same HC for sixteen (!) seasons with zero playoff wins.

If I were a Bengals fan, and the plan being sold to me was “We realize that we need to shake things up a little bit, so we’re going to move the head coach into the front office - and replace him with Hue Jackson” - I would quit following the NFL immediately.


Has anyone seen this AAF (Alliance of American Football)? Inaugural season kicks off in February (9th?) and they just got done doing their QB draft, they have some recognizable names, guys that washed out of the NFL early, excellent college players that never got picked up/signed in the NFL. Any thoughts, feelings, or reactions? I personally like it, I think it’ll turn into a developmental league type thing, and they’ve got some big names attached to it already (Troy Polamalu, Hines Ward, Kurt Warner) so there will be a little clout to it, I think.


I’d be interested in catching some games … do you know if they’ll be televised?

  1. I think the NFL would benefit from having a legitimate developmental / minor league.

  2. I think economic problems have sunk every prior effort to start a professional football league other than the NFL. The CFL and Arena football are the only other leagues that have sustained themselves for a prolonged period, because they offer slightly different products or attraction, and even Arena ball has been on the rocks lately.

  3. the QB draft (and list of coaches) either lends the AAF credibility or laughability, depending on how you look at it. Dennis Erickson, Mike Singletary, Steve Spurrier…I guess I’ll give them credit for making sure all the coaches are recognizable names, but I can’t imagine finding this exciting enough to care about.

I think a far better option would be moving the direction the NBA has moved with the D-League (or G-League). Assign every NFL team a minor league affiliate. Play the games in small and medium sized stadiums in the general vicinity of their NFL parent club, make tickets cheap ($10) so kind of like minor league baseball it becomes an affordable way to take kids, families, etc to a game. Use the minor league as a way to develop young players, new coaching candidates, test out offensive and defensive play calls and schemes. Play the games on the same day (Tuesday nights, maybe? What the hell else is happening on Tuesday nights?) and have the guys signed to some sort of two-way contract where they can be “called up” to the parent club during the season - IMO there’s nothing stupider than NFL playoff berths decided in games with guys who were signed off the street a month ago starting in key positions, at least in this system you could have guys who were “in your system” or part of your organization available to step in. Base salary for all players in the developmental league set at a fixed number ($40K? You could field a 50-man roster for $2M annually in salary) with allowance for a few slots per team to be higher (starting QB, selected guys who were recently drafted and may still be getting their signing bonus).

Why won’t this happen? Money. Too bad.


I don’t, have just seen a social media push about it in the last 6 weeks or so.

@ActivitiesGuy You’ve thought this through, ha! I agree, they’ve made it very recognizable (by comparison I can only name Manziel for the CFL and no one for Arena ball) through name recognition of coaches and ex players at the helm. I think that making it similar to baseball would be fantastic as well, it makes a lot of sense. I think that it probably has elements of that already, I can’t imagine that if you were a pro team why you wouldn’t talk to one of the organizations and ask them to run a certain style of offense or defense so that if/when you needed to sign someone you’d be able to, it simply makes too much sense not too.


Michael Vick is an offensive coordinate for onw of the teams I believe.


It’ll be airing on CBS