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2018 NFL Thread


Please no. Isaiah Crowell is more than adequate and we need an O-line.

Bill Parcell’s coaching staff are the best coaches in the NFL, and it’s no mistake. Coughlin, Belichick, Payton - all part of Parcell’s coaching staff. Also, with Bowles and Zimmer, Parcells STILL has 5 of his proteges with head coach jobs.


Huge Bill Parcells fan.

To my point though -how’s the Belichick coaching tree doing? His best student so far is Josh Mcdaniels…leaving the Colts at the altar LMAO, but not even for another head coaching job like BB did!

(shit! sorry @ActivitiesGuy, I’ve been misspelling BB’s last name lol)


Dumb Raven’s fans might get their wish


Im rooting for any team that can keep New England form another Super Bowl appearance. Cant do it… Only team that might have a shoot is Pittsburgh since as already has been pointed out and i agree with KC defense is lacking.


Tom Brady + zone defense = GG. We don’t have the corners to play man, even for a couple plays.

Our LBs can’t run with tight ends either.

Only way that happens is if Ben has a 5TD day and Connor runs for 125+. Only way Steelers beat Brady is keep Brady off the field.


Don’t crush my hopes


The Chiefs were right there. You just can’t let Brady have the ball last. You gotta manage the clock so that your team is making the game winning drive. T. Hill should’ve run back and forth along the goal line like it was Tecmo Super Bowl until time ran out.


This comment is imminently likeable. Thanks for the memories of simpler times!


This is probably the best way to beat the Pats … control the ball and gas their defense … it’s tough though cause Brady’s so good at a 2 min drill drive … he can find ways to score quick … Steeler’s d would have to really limit that efffectiveness…


Are the Titan’s really pulling this off??




Hit Brady and get him running scared. If you can beat their O-Line it can happen. Also:


Can Jimmy Graham just catch a ball please?


Harbaugh to the Browns
Saban to the Ravens
Anybody but Marvin to the Bengals

Make the AFCN great again.


Man, I enjoy the hell out of watching Zeke Elliot play, defenses know its going to him and the dude still makes yards. Also, love their young line backers, Vander Esch is a freakin’ athlete through and through, they make ‘young’ mistakes, but they’re gonna be a solid linebacking core for a while.


Meh, a lot of speculation going on there…


Belichik’s achilles heel is apparently ex coaches. Detroit sucks, but they dominated the Patriots this year; Tennessee’s decent, they actually stopped James White. Both teams coached by ex Patriots’ coaches.

I heard a blurb about the Patriots not having lost a game this badly, this late in the season, (or maybe just this late in the season on their annual playoff run) since…wait for it…they lost to Cleveland (obviously a shitty team) coached by Eric (Bill cheats!) Mangini (obviously a shitty coach as well).


I hate seeing this guy in sports talk shows and people treating him like he knows more than anyone else. I disagree with so many things he says.


Whelp, Lamar Jackson’s up. Let’s see what he can do.


Had to gamble and play the Bengals D in the hopes of them shutting down a rookie.