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2018 NFL Thread


Hate to burst your bubble but Darnold is hot garbage. Coming from a fins fan who just watched my horrible team look like their defense had a Madden 99 rating today.

His decision making is really bad, granted your center didn’t do him many favors today. The game is way too fast for him and his team is not only bad, they mortgaged the next two drafts just to get him that you shouldn’t expect much help coming. Give him a few years and he will make the buttfumble look like it wasn’t that bad.

Also as a fins fan, this qualifies me as an expert at evaluating bad QBs if we bring the 10,000 hour hypothesis into the equation.


Side note. I really believe Bama would beat the Raiders by 2 scores. I hate when people say things like that because even a bad pro team is still a PRO team. But in this case, yeah, pretty sure Vegas would favor Bama.


Whelp, Raven’s have imploded. Everyone wants Harbs and Flacco gone. So, same as every other year in Charm City since 14’.


As I said, he’s the youngest player in the NFL and already has as many wins as Peyton did his first season. Development is key, and it’s way too early to call him “hot garbage”. He’s shown glimpses of an incredible arm so far. Just gotta give him more time.


He’s really good at throwing rainbow passes to covered receivers and getting that sweet sweet PI call. He had 200 yards passing yesterday and 58 yards in DPI.

If Harbs gets fired the front office is stupid. Can’t imagine a world where Harbs is out of a job and Marvin Lewis isn’t. Maybe Harbs can go make the Jets/Bills/Phins good.


A lot of qb’s take advantage of DPI. Rodgers is one that comes to mind.

If they don’t make the playoffs, I think Harbs will lose his Job as dumb as that is (he’s has one of the highest win percentages since he came into the league iirc) and Joe will be signed somewhere else. They still won’t have a run game, the O Line will still be hot garbage 4 game into the season, and Lamar Jackson will go the way of RGIII. Flacco will be laughing wherever he lands now that he doesn’t have to play in the North and won’t have to line up at WR every 7th play…

Harbs will be hired almost immediately.

*Of course, the internet has the official stats, lol. Rodgers is not as high as I would have thought.



I think Harbs could do well in Cleveland



I dont know about that. As a life long Dolphin’s fan I am allowed to call any player on the Jets whatever derogatory term I want :wink: I do feel bad for Todd Bowles. I loved him during his time with us and feel like he has not been given the opportunity to succeed. The fact that he got that team to 5 wins last year is incredible. And now a days he has to worry about people constantly changing his wikipedia page to say ‘former coach of the jets’. It’s sad. Screenshot

Hey it could be worse, we both could be Bills fans…

Seriously though, how is it possible that Nathan Peterman is still able to collect a paycheck from the NFL. I swear he will be the starting QB next year for whatever team is looking for a number 1 draft pick. He has a particularly niche skillet for the right team…


Feel how you want about Kaepernick, but the idea that there ISNT collusion is laughable at this point. The amount of sub par QBs is crazy. Also, the Jets had Teddy fucking Bridgewater and used him as a trading piece instead of letting Darnold develop under him…
Jets suck ass. I like Todd Bowles, but as a Jets Mets Knicks fan, all my organizations are dumpster fires that don’t care about winning.


He had a backup job. He refused to be a backup. That’s not collusion. That’s him quitting and then trying to make it about race.


You really believe that…?


God damn it.


He was way too inflammatory in his message. But he’s too good to have been sitting around for this long, and he’s too good to be a backup QB too. There are not 32 quarterbacks better than Kaepernick in the league right now.

But I really, really should not have brought him up in this otherwise civil thread, cause now I’m worried shits about to go down.


He donated money to a cop killer. A bit of an imperfect messenger there. I agree I liked this thread way better without politics. Stopping it right meow. Back to football:

Meh. Read option/running style quarterbacks don’t start long in the NFL. Rarely are they ever any good for long (McNair/RG3/Pryor etc…). They either get injured or defenses get enough tape on them to contain.

For instance, how many deep playoff runs has Cam Newton had? That superbowl loss in 2015… the better he gets at pocket passing the better he does.


Every time I see one of these stupid plays with the QB lined up at WR or wherever I want to puke because it is so asinine, and all these coaches are just imitating each other. Whatever happened to the wildcat or whatever 'da fuck they called it. So Stupid…

@usmccds423 Has Luke Jackson ever thrown a pass from that stupid set that the Ravens run? Is anyone actually fooled?

@flappinit I’m a Giants (since Joe Pisarcik Fumble days, google that for a good laugh) Mets Knicks fan, not sure how the Giants thing happened but thank the powers that be because the Jets have never, ever had a clue. If Darnold had been drafted by another organization, I’d say it’s possible he could pull a Goff, but with the Jets?..good luck with that…FYI, read that Darnold’s issue from college was the turnover/interception also, so it’s not just a rookie QB in the NFL thing.



Per Rotoworld, in case you don’t follow that site:

Darnold was utterly horrendous against the Dolphins’ previously-struggling defense, tossing four ugly picks and comprehensively failing to move the offense. Darnold now has more interceptions (14) than scores (11) on the year and is struggling in every rate statistic. Darnold doesn’t have the best supporting cast, and it has been quite banged up, but others have produced with worse. The question for Darnold’s future is if these are Goff-ian growing pains or indicative of who Darnold will be in the NFL. Turnovers, after all, were part of his reputation coming out of USC. As Jameis Winston has shown, that’s not something you always grow out of. Darnold has a foreboding Week 10 matchup in the Bills.

edit to add: Goff also got saved by McVay coming in to coach him, who’s gonna coach up Darnold???


How bout them 'phins! Man it’s tough to watch their games…yeah their defense had a ‘good’ game against the Jets (those weren’t take-aways, those were gifts, ha) I just wanna be decent! At this point I would rather watch Mayfield and the Browns play than the Dolphins, and I’m also bitter because our Montana boy (Osweiler) has simply been a bummer, and I still find myself being optimistic, ha!


He’s thrown like once and handed off a few times. I fucking hate it.


So does Flacco.