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2018 NFL Thread


What? You don’t like watching two one-win teams duke it out in the garbage bowl?


They’re not bad enough to be fun to watch. They suck but it’s a frustrating, boring kind of suck. When the Bills benched the QB who did all the work and would return to bring them to the playoffs for the first time since ‘Nam for Nathan Peterman and he threw 5 INTs in a half, THAT was fun to watch.


I’ve been seeing some ads for a new football league that starts right after the Superbowl…Troy Polamalu is the head of player relations, I believe, can’t remember what it’s called now, though.



The AAF! A d-league for football. I hadn’t seen this, but obviously:

Important people are browsing my posts.


Bruh, it has Spurrier, man. Spurrier. I hope they bring Lou Holtz out of retirement to announce … I’d fucking watch that shit


Happy I’ll be tuning into Celtics - Bucks tonight. At this point, I’d rather watch a Magic - Cavs game than the typical TNF offering.


I wonder if Johnny Manziel would stay in the CFL or try to get into the AAF…supposedly he just won his first game in 3 years with the Montreal Alouettes. I know he was a miserable, ungrateful, spoiled little bitch, but I watched him win his first game with the Browns and get benched immediately afterwards, then stop giving a fuck. Makes me wonder if he could have been decent.


I think Johnny would not have lasted long in the nfl regardless. I feel he was way over hyped and he bought into it


Manziel is talented and a good head for football … he’s just distracted by being like you said a spoiled little bitch…


I read an article about him yesterday, he said he doesn’t want into the XFL or AAF. Makes sense - if you treat yourself like a minor league player, you’ll be viewed as one. The CFL is more akin to Euro leagues in basketball and has a long standing tradition of cycling quarterbacks back into the NFL.


It was football day at my sons preschool today. Had to grab him a big ol 14 jersey to grow into. He’s a long way from being a proven option but he’s still my franchise quarterback, and the youngest player in the NFL. Hopefully in 2 years we can make the playoffs. Peyton went 3-13 his first year.
Jesus, even as I write this I can smell the desperation in these words. Don’t ruin this young guy like you always do, Jets.


I saw some random interwebz thing on the top 21 draft busts. Didn’t take it as gospel of course, but what was interesting was that 11 of the busts were QBs. Only one was a RB, and it was Ki-Jana Carter, who tore his ACL back when it used to be a career over/ender.

…yes, another shameless plug in agreement with the Giants’ drafting of Saquon Barkley.

LMAO at Jon Gruden trading away Khalil Mack, but standing pat with David Carr as a “franchise” QB. Uh, Jon, if it hasn’t happened yet, it ain’t gonna…


While he had that one bad strip against the ravens Vance McDonald is really starting to impress. 23 catches on 27 targets and the YAC are amazing. He seems to have fixed the problems he had at San Fran catching 55%.


So chiefs/rams superbowl?


Who Dat?


I want a chiefs rams Super Bowl. I’ll get a Pats Rams one. The Chiefs D is too weak to make it through the playoffs. Just my opinion.


Please no. Anybody but them. Tired of watching rub routes, cut blocks and dink and dunk in the SB.


Well the 72 dolphins just drank some champagne. Saints put the Rams away and no more undefeated teams.


I hate them, but they’re a team you just don’t count out. Not when they’re at half strength, quarter strength, and not when they’re down 28-0 at halftime in the Super Bowl. Let’s thank the football gods every day that Jimmy G isn’t there to take over for Brady once he’s done. Would have been another 15+ years of dominance.