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2018 NFL Thread


Prescient indeed.

Texans are proving that as long as you don’t do stupid things, you can win a lot of games… -that, plus a great pass rush is the great (only?) equalizer in today’s offensive environment.


Hue Jackson is gone for the Browns. Second worst NFL coach ever. Shame the Browns let BB go so soon. Browns fans are rejoicing everywhere. “The bad man is gone. He can’t hurt us anymore.”


Oh the Browns were coaches and quarter backs go to die :smirk:


I think Baker Mayfield + Todd Haley = a decent offense.

Their defense is leading the league in turnovers and they have some real good pieces. They might not be the league’s joke soon.

If you would have told me 5 years ago the Rams would be the sole undefeated team 8 weeks in I wouldn’t have believed you.


Considering all the draft picks over the past few years they should be dangerous team . If owners and upper management got their head out their ass


They should make Haley the interim head coach. When he was at Pittsburgh they were a top 5 offense. He’s just a jerk and Tomlin doesn’t like tough love coaches. Brownies need some tough love.


Yeah I feel your pain last year sucked on my end following a team with a lame duck coach


They fired Haley too.


Well damn. Didn’t hear that. Guess I should apply. I’ve never lost an NFL game as head coach.

Yeah I live in Pitt and root for them. Always had respect for Cleveland fans rooting for a team with no hope for decades.


Of all the new-ish players in the NFL right now, who’s hype train was bunk and who is actually any good? In your opinion of course. For instance with young QB’s:.

For real: Mahomes, Goff

Meh: Turbinsky, Watson


Whelp, everyone in Baltimore is back on the start Jackson bandwagon. People are so stupid I swear.


Tonights game will be a shit show!



On pace for 4,500 yards, 24 TDs, and 12 picks. Pretty good I’d say.

This was his predecessor

Raven’s QB history


I would add Mayfield and Darnold to that list - both are acting like poised, mature QB’s and dealing with terrible situations. But that’s just my opinion. On a less subjective note, if we’re not talking just rookie’s, then any mention of Goff should include Wentz as well.

RB’s - Saquon, James Conner, Sony Michel

WR’s - Kenny Golladay, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Cooper Kupp. Honestly can’t think of many actual 1st year rookie WR’s killing it right now.


Better to suck than to be perpetually mediocre. At least the Browns have a lot of young talent, a good GM and promising young QB. And they are 13 points away from being 6-1.

The fins on the other hand are the continuing their marching band to nowhere. 4-4 with a coach who is 20-20 and a franchise that since 94’ is 196-196. So excited to draft 16th this year and have Ryan Tannenhill get paid 26M next year!


How’s Leveon Bell feeling these days anyway?

James Conner has 4 games this year with 100+ yards and 2 TDs.
Bell has 3 in his career.

Bell has forfeited more money so far this year than any other RB is making. Nobody’s going to pay him what he wants, and there’s no way he’ll recoup this money. Maybe the first time he didn’t show up was a fluke, but after no-showing in week 7, his holdout is going to give teams cause to think twice before calling him or paying him. If he does go elsewhere, which is likely, it’s going to be tough for him to maintain his current career averages behind a different O-Line.

The guy is obviously super talented, and I’m not taking anything away from him there, but his agent really seems rather scummy. In every interview I’ve read with the guy he turns the entire salary discussion into a race issue, and he’s destroyed Bell’s image in Pittsburgh.

Of course, maybe I’m wrong and he’s as prominent of an agent as he is because he’s really good at his job. I just don’t see this turning out in Bell’s favor. He’d be the first to have a holdout yield positive results.


Public opinion in Pittsburgh is “LeVeon who?”. He’s the asshat that got busted for pot twice and writes crummy rap lyrics while not showing up to work because he thinks he’s worth more than Gurley… which he isn’t. Also he’s been injured twice which fair or not makes teams leery of running backs.

Meantime if Conner keeps playing like he is they’ll put a statue of him up downtown. He played at Pitt and beat cancer. It doesn’t hurt that he’s classy and always thanks his line and teammates. The Steelers line (top 3) is balling out to make holes for him, because they want him to do well. Alejandro V. was destroying Miles Garret all day on Sunday.


I’d throw Calvin Ridley in with the WRs, he’s killing it opposite of Julio.


They should just cancel TNF tonight and show arena football instead.