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2018 NFL Thread


Has there ever been a phenomenal top 5 running back that didn’t have a good O-line?

I agree with Bell not being durable, but he did skip camp a few times. Which it can be argued helps get you get into game shape.


This is what football looks like with terrible O-lines.


Well, my point here was that I think Saquon is in that top 5 despite his unfortunate position. However, I can see how it sounds like I’m trivializing their successes based on something that’s a given, and I didn’t mean it that way.


Barry Sanders.


Didn’t he refuse to follow blockers and refuse to work with a full back? He holds the record for most lost yards by any player as well. I get he was fast and could make anyone miss. But I don’t think his line was god awful, there were two pro bowlers IIRC.


Barry Sanders was a transcendent talent, and no running back has a better highlight reel. But his insistence on trying to hit home runs every play made him a liability. When all that’s readily available is a three-yard gain, good running backs take it, keeping their offense ahead of the chains. What they don’t do is lose three yards four plays out of five, hoping to make a splash play.


I just remember everyone saying he didn’t have a line when comparing him to Emmitt Smith.

I heard one of the TV people compare one of the younger players to him in that regard. I don’t remember who though - I think it was a QB. It might’ve been Mahomes.


Yeah, the knock on Mahomes is that he is too quick to go ‘out of structure’ and start improvising. Obviously it’s working well for him and the Chiefs right now. But it’s important to remember that DCs have relatively little tape on him at the moment. As game tape accumulates, they will get better and better at discerning his tendencies and scheming against them.


Definitely agree, he’s a playmaker through and through, I think he also benefits from the time that he is playing the game, QBs are much more protected here and now, I feel as if he had been playing 10-15 years ago when defenders actively sought to ‘punish’ mobile quarterbacks, it may be a bit different, but he has more freedom to create with his athleticism with few repercussions (not meant to be a ‘back in the good old days’ statement, I simply think the rules and regs at the moment are more conducive to his style of play.)


Year two is always tough on QBs who have success in year one.

I think the way they’ve been calling roughing the QB has been absurd this year. But the way Mahomes plays, it’s a good thing they changed the rules. I never really understood why it was acceptable to hit a QB after he threw the ball anyway. If you look at old highlights it shows glimpses of the old video game Blitz where there were no penalties and it was a free for all.

I see no reason to level a QB after he throws the ball on a scramble.

I’ve noticed Mahomes has started throwing the ball away finally. It’s only happened a couple times but it’ll benefit him if he learns to do that before the DCs really figure out how to stop him.


Because 250lbs of sprinting linebacker can’t stop on a dime. I’ve seen numerous examples of both:

  1. Linebacker couldn’t have stopped as QB releases the pass .0001 seconds before the hit.
  2. LB takes 5 extra steps to level the QB when the ball is clearly out.

I’d hate to be a ref and have to flag situation 2, but not situation 1 in real time.

TJ Watt got a $20k fine for trying to not hit Matt Ryan and grazing his thigh with his elbow. He peeled off exactly like you’re supposed to and made every reasonable effort to miss Matt.

I agree with taking cheap shots out of the game and making tackling safer (Shazier). But I wouldn’t make it 1 game as a ref. What’s a good no call when O Lines hold every play? How can it be a blindside block if you plant your shoulder in someone’s chest?


Agreed. There’s a difference between a late hit and a guy who already committed to tackle before the ball was released. It’s probably tough to spot in real time but during the replays you can always see when a guy commits to the tackle and then he’s at the mercy of gravity.


I have zero hope for tonight. Fins always shit the bed on TNF… image


Oh that gif. “Laces out Dan!”


Dan Amendolarino with the best throw of the night…


Walter Payton.

During the first 10 years of his career not one of his offensive lineman made it to the Pro Bowl. During his entire career only two of his O-Line made it to the Pro Bowl.

That pic is for you @EyeDentist. Nice “absolute unit” reference up above too.


I’ve never been the ‘fire the coach or coordinator mid season guy’ but Matt Burke is really really bad at his job.

Not sure who is happier this morning. Texan fans or Devante Parker’s Agent.


Ah yes. I was watching when Payton set the record against the Saints.


I know they teach kids to never hurdle because it’s dangerous. Does the same rule apply if you can literally fly?


well, if you’re flying it ain’t a hurdle now is it…