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2018 NFL Thread


Slow ya roll there, brah.

Edited to ask @usmccds423 if we’ll still be besties tomorrow at 6 (7 EST).


Depends on how many TDs Brees throws…


Will it matter? As I’m sure you know, the Ravens are the only team he’s never beaten (0-4 lifetime).


Ya… Hopefully that streak continues


Well the ravens are the #1 defense this year. But almost all defenses suck this year with rule changes and such. Should be a hard fought game.

I think it depends on whether superbowl Flacco or choke Flacco shows up.


There’s really only an argument to be made that Gurley is better at this point, and Gurleys working with way better blocking. Look at Saquons highlights for the year. His runs display the most natural talent in the league. Alvin Kamara would be a close second, but nobody is working with less than Barkley. And I hate the Giants, too, so this isn’t fanboy talk.


Barkley does indeed demonstrate tremendous promise as a back, and is a brilliant open-field runner. But at this time, it’s still that–promise. He is undisciplined and unreliable on zone running plays (this is why his yards/game is misleading–he gains a lot of yards on splash plays, but has a lot of zero/negative yardage carries as well). And he has yet to master pass blocking–a skill that is must-have for a bell-cow back. Further, as he is in the first half of his first season, we know nothing about his durability.

He may well end up being the best back in the league someday soon. But at this juncture, he’s probably not top 5. IMO of course.


Ereck Flowers, who flopped big time as the ninth pick overall in 2015, was drafted by the previous regime. This regime signed Nate Solder, and drafted Will Hernandez (currently No. 10 out of 73 qualifiers in PFF’s guard grades, per Rotoworld) in the 2nd round this year. So I’m cautiously optimistic.

@EyeDentist How do you know Barkley is unreliable on zone running plays?


TBH, I can’t remember whether I made the observation myself, or heard some talking head mention it first. But you don’t need to be an expert (I certainly am not one) to notice it.


NO up 4 pts with 5 minutes left. Too much time?


And the kicker misses the extra point. Mason Crosby syndrome. Now Brees has beaten every other NFL team.


Great game, could have been won by either team. I’ve been on the losing side of that exact ending, and know how much it sucks.


I cannot fucking believe TUCKER MISSED THAT EXTRA POINT!!!


It’s his first missed extra point of his career. Unreal.


I know that, because the announcer said “he’s never missed an extra point” at least 5 times before the kick. Jinx McGee man.


Who would you rank as your top 5 backs right now, out of curiosity? I agree with your assessment of Barkley, but think that if he isn’t top 5 right now, he will have fixed his flaws by the end of the year and be top 5, if not top 3.

  1. Gurley
  2. Bell (theoretically)
  3. Kamara
  4. Elliot
  5. Gordon

  1. Kamara


With time expiring and no time-outs, Eli attempts the sneak. Twice.

In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.


Fair enough ranking, but I would say that if Saquon needs to prove his durability to you, then Bell needs to drop a spot or two, and that everyone you mentioned is running behind a phenomenal O-line.