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2018 NFL Thread


Raven’s fucked themselves. Flacco still threw for 298 yards they just couldn’t find the endzone. Running game is garbage, again.


Line’s fault or the backs?


I donno, man.


Ezekiel Elliot has more rush yards than Gurley and he hasn’t played week 5 yet. You’d think a 5-0 team like the rams would have run more.


Yay for Miami! We’re up 17-0 on the Bengals…oh wait…24 unanswered? Oh…ok, I guess, have a win, Cincinnati.


Well, the Steelers looked fine yesterday. They beat the brakes off of the Falcons. And with Conner running like that, they don’t need LB at all. My team was an embarrassment to the game. The Steelers defense looked bad, the Falcons defense apparently never got off the plane. The fact we couldn’t score on that Steelers defense has me reeling.

The only thing that made me feel better yesterday was Odell’s muffed punt… I was rolling on the floor laughing. I needed the Panther’s to lose, too, but that shit was hilarious.


Look at Hunt for the Chiefs. I don’t know about Gurley, but KC and a lot of teams are passing to their backs more now. The backs still get 100-150 yards a game, but it’s split up.

I can’t believe I’m seeing triple run/pass options in the games, but it’s working.


Getting close enough for the ball to hit him was bad, but the shit show that ensued was worse. Their attempts to recover the ball looked like a circus act.


I am sure Gurley is having way more fun than Elliot.


The coverage was part of the problem. They switched to that game and that happened. Then they switched away with 30 seconds on the clock and I didn’t know the Panthers came back and won.


I am sure glad Brees finally got his passing record because I am sick of hearing about it. MNF was annoying as shit. The man got a football record, he did not cure cancer… Congrats to Brees, btw…


Who Dat, baby!


Brandin Cooks, Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods are all regularly breaking 100 yards and scoring TDs. It’s a wonder that Gurley is even a top 5 rushing yards leader with all the spreading out Goff does.

On a separate note, after 3 nasty games and plenty of reason to crumble, my rookie QB last week said “it’s only a matter of time” and followed it with a 3 TD game and some of the most beautiful throws I’ve ever seen. Long way to go, but we have a viable starter for the next decade on our hands.


Yeah, these new rules suck. I didn’t think I would say this, but I want less scoring at this point. Defenses can’t do shit, offenses can do what ever they want. Pretty soon it will be just flag football.


They need to make splash plays (pics, forced fumbles, sacks etc…) in order to stop drives. A defense that gives up 27 points but stops 3 drives in a game is doing okay in today’s NFL.


Yeah, the Chiefs gave up over 400 yards last weekend, but only 14 points, because of picks and a strip sack. Of course, not sure how much of it was the defense playing well, and how much was Jacksonville sucking.


Friggin Burfict man. Just can’t help himself. Shows up fat and slow after a PED suspension and is late to every hit. He took Brown and his own guy off the field with one elbow.

Later he kicked Connor in the pile after Connor ran him over several times. DeCastro and McDonald layed him out at least. Guy is the Tom Wilson of the NFL. He could be a top 10 LB if he wasn’t so focused on being a goon.


Look at the Dolphin’s game…hey! we won! and the QB statline looks ok…nice! Oh, Tannehill was out? Who’d we have? Osweiler? You sure? Against Khalil Mack and the Bears defense?!


I thought Osweiler was going to be a great quarterback. 4 years learning from Peyton, the greatest QB mind of all time, followed by a few games of solid play. He could have had a repeat championship in Denver, but he took that gargantuan 75 mil deal in Houston, and like Elway said - the best deals aren’t always the biggest ones.


Yeah, being a Montana boy, he holds a special place for me haha and a part of me is still optimistic…even now.