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2018 NFL Thread

Kicking it off with my Bears!

East - Patriots
West - Chargers
South - Jags
North - Steelers
WC: Ravens, Texans

East - Eagles
West - Rams
South - Saints
North - Vikings
WC - Panthers, some team from WI

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Australian media is blowing some hype over this kid from my area

6’ 8" and 360lbs with his speed is freakish. He could be dominant for years to come.

This was his last year’s highlights
Abliet it was against under 20 year olds, will be interesting too see how he goes against men in similar size

As a Vikings fan, I’m worried about the Bears Defense. They were pretty good last year and with the additions of Smith and Mack, they could have the makings of a very scary defense.

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Raven’s are winning the North this year.

Bold prediction:
FLacco passes for 4500 yards and 27 TDs with Crabtree having a huge year.

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Reminds me of Haloti Ngata.

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I thought some of you might enjoy this. Just a great story.


What’s the over/under that Bell signs the franchise tag before Sunday?

70/30 against.


Flacco’s gonna tie his best TD total and get his best yardage ever at 33 with a much weaker defense and offense, and throwing to a 30 year old Crabtree who got smoked by a good amount of cornerbacks last season?

That being said, the presence of a younger draft pick at an old QB’s heels has a remarkable effect, just ask Alex Smith.

Being a faithful Jets fan I no longer make any positive predictions, despite us getting the best pick of the draft.

I don’t think the offense or the defense is weaker this year. Flacco had no one to pass to last year. Jimmy Smith being out is a big hit, but otherwise the defense should be good.

Flacco seems to play well when he’s under a lot of pressure. It’s the last year of his contract (I believe) and a lot of Raven’s fan have already anointed Jackson his immediate successor. He’s gonna play well this year I just have this feeling. Plus he’s healthy unlike last year.

I meant this year vs his best years, not vs last year. But yes, it could happen.

Side note: like 12 years ago, maybe more, my sister went to University of Delaware and upon visiting her, I played beer pong against some huge guy, and was like “who’s that?” And someone was like “that’s our quarterback, Joe Flacco.” Not a bad place for a Division 1AA QB to end up.

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He’s not on my fantasy team for the first time in like 3 years so this isn’t just nerd anger, but Leveon Bell is a real piece of garbage, leaving his team hanging like that because 14.5 mil for 16 games isn’t enough.

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Flacco: 236 yds, 3 TDs, and gets pulled in the 3rd as the Raven’s dismantle Buffalo.


The first half was the best Bears football I’ve seen in 10 years.

Then we got our asses kicked by a one-legged QB. wtf…

Same old shit, run, run, pass, 3 and out.


Sam Darnold - first throw: pick 6. Almost lost my mind. Then we fucking crushed them. Defense: touchdown. Special teams: touchdown. Darnold: 2 passing touchdowns. Crowell: 2 rushing touchdowns. Now to attempt not to be excited about this at all to avoid disappointment.

Don’t get me started on the Bill Belichik “coaching” tree LOL. I looked up Matt Patricia’s “resume”…are you kidding me???

The Belichik coaching tree does not function without a Brady root system…

To me, Belichik is a great GM, but a meh coach -as Doug Pederson showed us in the last Super Bowl.

The announcers said Patricia was “big” (pun intended!) on conditioning during training camp, i.e. extra running after practice; obviously, dude does not believe in leading from the front LOLLL!!! One loss, and already there are stories of disgruntled veterans mad about training camp…

Matt Stafford is the QB on my fantasy team. I hope last night was a one off, and the shit rolling downhill does not infect the offense as well.


from Rotoworld:

NFL.com’s Mike Garofolo reports Lions veterans were “griping” about new coach Matt Patricia during training camp.

Specifically, the “number of rules put in place” and “how hard he worked them” during the summer. The Lions, of course, got blown out of the building in Patricia’s debut on Monday. It will be a dynamic to watch as the season unfolds. Ex-Bill Belichick assistants have a way of flying too close to the sun trying to implement his ways elsewhere.

Staffords my QB in my free league - my paid one I have Brady. I’m dropping Stafford and going for Mahomes - seems like a real talented kid.

As for the Brady-centric game plan, I won’t disagree there except to say that had the Pats not given up Jimmy G to SF I think they could have extended their dominance by another decade.