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2018 NCAA Football


I have chance to stay in Az and maybe see your game. Unfortunately lack the cash flow.


Man, it’s going to be a great game despite the other narratives. Really want to see how Mack Jr does against that SEC Defense. Kid played lights out after that fumble ridden start. I also do not think the ‘motivation’ narrative of last year with Auburn will be at play. Greedy not playing, pride of a conference. A nation wanting to shut up the UCF Twitter Mafia. Can’t wait.

Also while I am not a Bama fan, Jalen Hurts is hard to root against. Great story for that kid.

Georgia is a top 4 team, but you should not be able to go to the dance as a 2 loss non conference champ. So many stories this year, not just UCF, but OSU etc. that should really drive some conversation about expanding the playoffs. I would love to see an 8 team payoff, Each P5 Champ, highest ranked G5 Champ(like with NY6 bowls) all get auto bid with 2 at large.


I am a Bama fan, but I can tell you that The Crimson Nation has no shortage of excuses when they lose.

I watched them get destroyed by Utah in the Sugar Bowl at my Uncle’s house 10 years ago. He asked if TCU played Utah and I told him that they beat us by 3 after we missed 2 short field goals. He was not amused. They said that they were not motivated. Ole Miss had the same excuse TCU beat them 42 -3 in the 2014 Peach Bowl.

Either you show up to play or you don’t.


Yup. Been saying this for years. Either give me that, or give me 16 teams with all conference champs invited and just enough at-larges to round it off at 16 (imagine Appalachian State vs Alabama in round 1; sure, we’d see some lopsided scores, but the close games would give the same excitement as when you check the scores during Day 1 of the basketball tourney and see that a 14 seed is leading a 3 seed with the second half underway).

I honestly prefer the eight-team, all-Power-5-champs-plus-the-highest-ranked-non-Power-5-team-plus-at-larges structure.

I would still get very sick of hearing P5 runners-up complain about how much tougher their conference is and how unfair it is that (UCF / Boise State / Appalachian State) was “allowed” into the playoff when (LSU / Auburn / Michigan) didn’t make it because they played in a tougher conference and that there’s just no justice in the world (choke on the irony: the current system keeping a UCF team on a 25-game winning streak that also beat an SEC team in last year’s bowl game out of the playoff, and Georgia fans are the one who feel screwed).

The point of the CFP is to determine a national champion. The first step to being the best team in the country ought to be winning your conference. I don’t care if some conferences are harder than others. If you want to win the national title, win your goddamn conference first.


And make Notre Dame join a conference.


The entire purpose of conferences mostly boils down to resources and money. Idenpendants are as such because they do not need it. ND has its own TV contracts and does not need affliliation as they are essentially an ACC team. Conference championships are arbitrary and meaningless. Just ask Alabama and the CFP committee last year


Have not been able to follow many of the lesser bowls this week. Just beat a discovery deadline for my work. Loved the Armed Forces Bowl as Army destroyed UH, sad I missed the game. About to hit the gym, loving my progress there.

Wednesday I get on plane to see the Frogs play Cal in the Cheesy bowl.

Hope all of you guys have a Merry Christmas!


No surprises in CFP. OK scored a lot of points in 3 quarters, but maybe Alabama was just on cruise control after running up 28-0 in 17 minutes.

Will have to go with Clemson for the title.


Agree with the no surprises, except that Notre Dame never left the locker room, apparently, expected more out of their defense, at least. And I gotta go with 'Bama, they’re just too solid all around, I think that as good as Trevor Lawrence is and has been, if anyone is going to figure out how to get him out of his comfort zone, it’ll be Saban and Alabama. I liken it to rooting against the Pats with Belichick and Brady haha you don’t really want to root for them, but how many times do you have to be proven wrong :joy:


I tell you 2 shocks -Texas over Georgia, Florida over Michigan.


Wow zero comments on beatdown last night?



Honestly I’m still trying to figure out that game feild goal attempt that everyone knew was coming. Game was over right after that.


Clemson and Alabama are just on a different level than any other college team right now, both are 55-4 with 2 National Titles in the past 4 seasons, and didn’t Dabo play for 'bama? So when Saban retires, they ask Dabo to come coach Alabama and they never leave the top tier. As Gruden would say, it’s wild man! Get some hooter’s wings, sit down, and enjoy another decade of dominance, ha.


On the other hand, he could stay and win a couple or 3 more, and brag “Yeah, l did build this.”

Particularly since historically, Clemson has been a bottom half Top 25 team.


I think he’ll win another 1-2 with T. Lawrence, against Alabama, and in 4-6 years when Saban decides to retire, he’ll “come home” to the Tide. (Wild speculation on my part, ha.)


This is the crazy part about college football. It is the opposite of parady.

Schools with most money, boosters and lucrative TV contracts have monopolies on recruiting. There is also no salary cap.

Now is Saban an amazing coach because of X’s and O’s? I don’t think so, Despade Im sure you remember his tenure with the Fins and how Jason Taylor wanted to choke him. Saban is an amazing coach because he is the best at recruiting.

College football allows you to create an empire that generates hundreds of millions of dollars for the schools, coaches, networks etc all while exploiting ameturism.

Maybe worth an entirely seperate topic but look at my school UCF. Mekenzie Milton took a team from obsurity to national spotlight and may have forever changed the schools trajectory when you look at our improvement on recruits this year and prime time game slots. Yet he may never have proper use of his leg again and all for free. Scholarship argument here is bunk, he is not from the inner city and his family had the means to pay tuition.

Full circle, Dabo and Saban are building wealth, fame and immortality on the scrambled brains and broken bones of kids exploited for free for a *chance to make it to the NFL. Seems legit.


If it’s so repugnant, and unfair then you’d think people would stop watching. It’s only worth millions of dollars to the schools and coaches because of the viewers.

Plus the NFL needs a farm league after all.


As a Bama fan I was just like, “Wow!” Clemson was on another level. Bama has been a little sloppy all year because they are so used to killing everybody and it showed in the first quarter as they missed chances to get the momentum. After that Clemson just ran away and hid.