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2018 NCAA Football

Gotta play a big boy schedule to prove you belong in the playoff. UCF has a really soft schedule and nearly lost to Memphis. Their signature win is over a barely ranked Cincinnati team. Idk how they deserve to get on over any of the 1 loss teams that have played multiple ranked opponents.

I heard this for years when TCU was in the Wac, Conference USA, and the Big 12. Then they get to Big 12 but it’s still a beauty pageant. This is why I want more teams in the playoffs.

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Schedules are made 4 years in advance. UCF also routinely attempts to and is turned down by others to play them as there is no benefit to the other team, much like why LSU canceled our scheduled out of conference game. Also this is exactly why people are arguing against the conference bias.

UCF beat a 1 loss Cinci by 25 points, and barely ranked is subjective as the AP had them at 19. UCF beat Pitt by 31 points. The same Pitt currently ranked 24th in the AP poll that ND beat by 3 points and is going to pay for the ACC title game.

The Memphis game was a gut check but its also the same Memphis team that blew Maryland out by 21 points.

As for the 1 Loss teams, Washington State lost to USC, and it’s only ranked win was by 4 points at home to Utah.

Ohio State just beat Maryland by 1 point in OT, barely beat Nebraska. Oh yeah… PURDUE…

So basically you are telling me that losing once in a blowout or non-contest to an unranked team is more valuable than beating a team with a winning record. These are the arguments people make against the legitimacy of this College Football Payoff(sp intended) system.

You can’t play a bunch of nobodys and expect to be a top 4 team. And unless you honestly think UCF will beat bama or Clemson it’s moot, because the playoff is about winning the national championship.

UCF has more wins against teams with a winning record than people above them, again Pitt and Cinci are also not ‘nobodies’. A playoff is not about winning the national championship, that is the championship game. The playoffs are about having an opportunity to compete for one.

No I do not believe UCF can beat Bama or Clemson. I do not believe anyone can beat Bama and I do not feel that anyone else other than Bama can beat Clemson this year. So with that logic lets just call off the playoffs and have them play. Screw Notre Dame and Michigan/GA/OSU/etc. Do not even let them have a chance to play the game…

The whole idea of a single elimination playoff centers around the fact that every team has a chance and statistically the “best” team only wins less than 25% of the time historically across all sports. Hell I believe the number for the MLB is 11% historically. Your logic is basically that the Giants should never have even had an opportunity to play the 18-0 Patriots that year. Mine is that anything is possible and teams should have a valid chance to at least contend if they earn it. UCF has earned the right by not losing in 700+ days and being ranked in the top 6 in most statistical polls like the S&P. Oh yeah, UCF from that point in time has beaten 6 ranked teams during that span, plus another in Auburn at the Peach Bowl. Let’s not forget the Fiesta Bowl against Baylor a few years back.

Also I would bet a lot of money that UCF could do better than LSU against Bama and at least put up 3 points.

College football is a beauty pageant. Its about TV ratings and butts in seats. I’ve known this for years but it really hit home when I saw USC put 50,000 butts in seats at Jerrworld at probably $250 a seat, to see a team that was 7-5 the year before get absolutely destroyed by Alabama.

UCF has the potential to be one of those giants because they are in a decent location/tv market and have a huge enrollment. They just don’t have the history yet.

As to trying to schedule decent opponents I get it. TCU had played OU and UT before being in the big 12, had a 1 and done at Clemson, home n home w/ Virginia, and the last marquee matchups (LSU and OSU) were supposed to be home and homes but ended up being 1 and dones at Jerry World.

Scheduling quality teams is not as easy as it sounds. Especially when you need to keep road trips proportionate to home games.

Won’t get into the playoffs but this is historic.

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I don’t think UCF beats Clemson or Bama. I doubt Michigan or Notre Dame can either.

U OF M, normally I think they are over rated, this year they may not be. We will see this week at OSU…

Horned Frogs are back from the dead and bowl eligible. Hat’s off to the OC. How many different ways can you utilize your #1 WR.

Bama took care of Auburn.

A number of great games including Ohio State, Oklahoma, Washington.

Anyone else stay up and watch LSU v Aggy?


Such a shame what happened to Milton on Friday. Would have been fun to see what the committee would have done if the Sooners, OSU and GA loss next week and UCF wins. Moot point now and 5-7 is our new ceiling. Really hope KZ can recover and play next year. Such an amazing kid who created a national narative on the CFP and it’s treating of G5 schools. God speed young man

You guys are going to have to politic your way into a better conference. Follow Utah and TCUs lead.

I think our AD is ahead of the game on that, which despite the public complaint, was the entire idea behind claiming the title last year. Headlines galore, more national TV games, recruitment, etc and the dialogue for expansion.

UCF tried to get into the Big East back when, but USF demanded they leave us out. Then a few years back the Big 12 was going to expand with us, USF and one more but it got killed at the end(our 0-12 season didnt help).

Big 12 looks like a perfect place but you have to remember that we do not have a choice in it. The conference would in essence be dividing up a pot of money further…

It’s dividing the money. It’s also not wanting to trade playing OU or UT for UCF and USF. FOr all the hoopla about the SEC the good teams do not always play each other. That said I’m not a fan of the current format of the championship game. Last year had great seats at Jerry World to see the Frogs lose in roughly same fashion to OU as they did in regular season. Might have helped OU get into playoff but hurt us a bit. That said we were probably destined for San Antonio anyway which turned out to be a great game with Stanford.

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Think Ohio State or Georgia might have been my 4th, even over my rooting team.
Man, if OU only had some D to go with that offense.

Georgia really blew up a sweet 1st half.

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That fake punt was absurd!

Watching the replay from the skycam behind the action I was like, Audible Audible Audible!

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Frogs to play Cal in the Chees-it Bowl. Have a friend out there so might make that trip. At the start of the year that would not have made me happy but w/ all the injuries I’m ecstatic to be in any bowl. UNT not in one of the Metroplex bowls, bummer. happy that OU got the playoff spot. The real travesty is that Notre Dame even in but especially 3rd. Again, happy OU made it, but dissapointed Bama won’t be at Jerry World.

Didn’t ND have 4 ranked wins this year?

When a beats b beats c beats a, it sure is difficult to pick without a quality win against another conference. This l noticed in all of the top 6-7 teams. I realize ACC and SEC won out, but hatd to gauge actual strength say in the other 3 power conferences or UCF, etc.

I think at time they were ranked but fell off like Michigan or Michigan State. Barely beat USC. While they have great history they are not playing at that level currently.

Big 12 is hard to gage because you have a lot of pretty good teams that beat each other up and OU at the top.

I am so triggered.