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2018 NCAA Football

No thread on this? My team is the TCU Horned Frogs. 2 weeks ago they gave Ohio State fits at Jerry World (don’t ask what I paid for those seats) and now I wonder if they will make a bowl game.

My father’s side of the family has a number of Bama graduates. They look great so far but I wonder how they will respond when someone gives them a fight. If they have a weakness it seems to be at kicker.

Who is your team and how are they doing this year?

Roll Toads!

I root for Pitt, and they’re no good. They just got absolutely curb stomped by UCF.

My wife went to Bama, so I have become an adopted fan. SEC is dominate this year with Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Auburn. 3 in the top 5 and one more at 8. That’s ridiculous and the SEC championship game will be national championship worthy with a possible rematch in the playoffs.

If UCF goes undefeated will they get a nod for the playoffs? Still to early to see how the one-loss teams, but I still think it’s a hard sell.

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With that RPO and snapping the ball every 8-12 seconds… What defense can hang with them? Strength of schedule and standings and bowl games has always been like alchemy to me. Who knows.

OU is my rooting team, but haven’t watched much yet, due to new grandbaby and putting an add-on to my house.

Same crew at the top of the polls - l see.

Dead thread is dead.

However, @Spike9726 Boom!
QB replacement scared me til l left for a funeral.

Disgruntled UCF diehard and alumn checkin in. Screw the college football “invitational” and their committee. Me every Saturday before games…

@EyeDentist you’re an LSU guy right? You think they will give Bama their first real test?

Absolutely. Gonna be the first team to hold 'em under 50. Final score 48-6.

Seriously though, I think we’ll give 'em a game for 3 quarters or so, but expect Bama to win comfortably. They’re unbelievable right now.


6 weeks after giving OSU fits TCU loses to Kansas. I have no words.

I did make it to Fayetville a few weeks ago. Absolutely fantastic experience. Bama seems like they are in another world. My concern is still that if they ever find themselves in a ball game their kicking is suspect. They did miss an XP that game, about the only mistake that they made.

Congratulations on the new grandbaby!

Thanks. Saw the little charmer tonight .

Big 12 looking no playoff this year.

Utah rolls over 2 win UCLA, and moves up 7-8 places in polls???

Good deal on the little one. TCU beats K State in the most boring game all year because K State couldn’t kick a short FG or an XP.

Currently watching Bama actually having to play for the first time all year. Already missed an XP, that’s been their one weakness all year.

I think Michigan steam rolling PSU gets them the 4th spot.

Im alternating between Bama game and OU using record function.
Barely have time to surf with OU/Tech scoring every other play.

UT/WVU was fun to watch.

And Tua’s first pick!

Looks like a Bama vs. Clemson rematch is in the making unless some big upsets happen.

I also don’t think Oklahoma should be in the playoff conversation with how they have looked against unranked teams. I’m fairly confident LSU would beat them, but wins are still valued even when it’s against a weak team and it goes to the wire.

I agree.
Big 12 beating each other this year, but you want to be in playoffs- don’t lose and sweep the chumps.

8 team playoff would answer many questions, but short of that…see above.

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Man, everybody’s a comedian

I would like to go 16 teams. Give the UCFs and Boise’s a chance.

Frogs lose their #2 QB, their first 2 RBs, and another LB yet manage to pull one out at Baylor. Great game and a fun road trip.

Bama shuts out 2 ranked SEC teams yet almost caught napping by the Citadel.

UT looked solid against Iowa State and WTH happened to WVU? Big 12 is crazy this year.

Agreed. Was at the UCF game on Sat, bounce house was rocking!

Even after we win out we will get some NY6 game against LSU or UF while a 1 or 2 loss team gets a shot. The narrative will always change without any admittance of the flaws. Watch what happens on Tuesday with the rankings. LSU will still somehow be ranked above UCF and potentially OSU.