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2018 Fat Loss Journey

So im doing this to keep myself accountable. i’m a 18 year old fat dude who needs to get his ass in shape. i’m 6’1 (6’2 on a good day) and just weighed in at 250 today. I’ve gotten it down from around 260. i was this heavy due to football but i tore my meniscus (lateral left knee) had surgery and now i don’t want to play football in uni anymore. ( just graduated high school taking year off). Okay so now that i got the backstory out of the way let’s get into the facts. my goal is to get to around 200. I think that would be a good weight. did the math and all that and based on my activity level 2500 cals a day should be good. been using it and ive been losing weight eating that much. okay so due to the injury i’ve been “cleared” to workout and all that shit from physio. but the legs are very weak so this is my plan. i’m using This workout for the first 4 weeks to get back into workouting out. and then i’m switching to this After. If anyone has any tips or other exercises i should do to strengthen the leg im open to any suggestions. I honestly just want to get rid of my moobs because i have bigger tits then some girls i know and that’s just sad. it’s time to change for the better and become a beast. im posting this to be accountable so anyone can feel free to P’m me ( if thats a thing here?) or post on here for updates etc. going to try to post as often as possible.


25 PM

Today’s workout and weight used.

forgot to add in original post numbers before taking time off lifting due to injury were.
Bench: around 200. Squat around 300, and same with deadlift. now i don’t know what they are but im guessing not that high.


Congrats on starting a log and best of luck to you.

Just my .02, you may want to consider doing more compound movements with barbells to jack up your metabolism and add some muscle. Things like squats, bench press, deadlifts, and overhead press. I think you might find a few programs already written if you look hard enough.

In for the follow.

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thanks! yeah i plan on incorporating those in soon i’m just trying to get back into the swing of things right now, and within the next few week’s im going to add it in.

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45 PM
Wednesdays workout.
just weighed myself today, i’m down to 248 now.


So fridays workout was a hard one for me i wasn’t feeling it but still showed up. Didn’t use any weights for goblet squats and didn’t drop all the way down i sat on a bench and then stood back up. i’m trying to teach myself how to squat again and this seems like the best way to do it. I plan on using weight for goblet squats next week.

Weighed myself today and i’m at 250.2 pounds. Not sure how it went up that quick. maybe because i went to the keg last night? but i was strict with what i ate and just hit the 2500 cal cap for the day. it is a little disappointing but its all good. Going to add more cardio and core stuff in next week.


Today’s workout. moved the weight up and added in rows for cardio

so i thought id post a update. i’m down to 243 and im taking 2390 a day. Working out has gotten better. Numbers are going up, i hit 195 for 6 on deadlifts. stuffs going well now. weights are starting to increase.

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Welcome back, in for the progress 7 lbs in a month and getting stronger, thats a win.
Good work man

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Thanks! Yes i consider it a huge win, haven’t noticed a difference in the mirror my self but i do have some people who i haven’t seen in awhile commenting about how I’ve slimed out a bit which is great to hear! Really happy that the numbers are increasing too, i missed lifting heavy and now that my numbers are starting to increase its even more motivation to lift.

down to 240. started a new program today and it was awesome. squatting felt great. The super sets killed me. Excited with the progress.

10 pounds that’s great.
Is it CT’s Athlete lean athlete strong you’re doing?

If you are able to run, then I would suggest to run a couple of times every week.
1: just a jog for 10 - 15 minutes
2: 5 min warmup then 3 x 400 m fast running not sprinting. 5 min cool down.
If you like it add another 400 after a month.
It’s very high metabolism work and will add muscles to the legs and burn fat overall.

But you’re doing a great job young man, so adding to much might backfire.

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i was going to do it but i dont have a 5 or 3 rep max to convert into maxes because my numbers are constantly changing due to the fact that i didn’t lift for so long. Im doing another program that i found. I’ts not a tnation one so i can’t post the link but heres the link to the google sheet with what i’m doing.

as far as running, i can run but i’m choosing not to right now, i’m kinda worried about tweaking it from the impact. So for cardio ill either swim or Row twice a week . Once i get my brace ill start too add running in.

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