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2018 Arnold Classic

I know that generation iron has a streaking schedule on their web page, but I figure for Anyone following along, this might be a good place to discuss.

-I saw somewhere that Wolf is competing (!!!) but honestly not sure if it’s a joke or not because he’s not even a half of his former self.

-Arash has been so far ahead of his previous Olympia prep, so even though. I don’t know the full list of competitors I’m banking on him showing up his previous outting.

  • Kai is doing some type of commentary? Last I heard he was on bad terms with the IFBB, so I’m guessing it’s not in any official manner.


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Dennis Wolf is doing the show, its definitely not a joke. Bonac, Dexter and Roelly are top 3. Top 6 is a great achievement for Wolf because the size difference compared to his best is ridiculous. I am also waiting for a good showing from Steve Kuclo. I think the top 6 will be

  1. William Bonac
  2. Dexter Jackson
  3. Roelly Winklaar
  4. Steve Kuclo
  5. Fred Smalls
  6. Dennis Wolf

Isn’t Arash a member here? Best of luck to him. He has an incredible physique and should be right in the mix at the Arnold. I would think he and Breon will be battling it out for the lead. I will be rooting for him as I think we may have a few mutual friends here in NYC and on LI lol.

My trainer competed at the Olympia last year and felt those two were really the head of the class. Great to see Classic added to the Arnold lineup.

Breon will be the Phil Heath of classic physique.Nobody is even close.
Arash Rahbar doesnt have a classic look. He looks like a smaller version of open bodybuilders. There is no V taper when he lifts his arms up from the front which is a must in this division.

Impressive runner up spot for Arash!

I would say this about Chris Bumstead actually


Breion definitely has a very symmetrical physique and has yet to show up not in condition.

Heath appears dominant because no one else is very good (relatively). It’s just how the sport is in 2018. With classic and new guys coming out of the woodwork every show, I don’t know if you can say Breion will be “the guy” just yet.

Arash has his height working against him. Being the tallest guy onstage and with a pretty considerable wingspan, getting his Lats to still appear thick in FDB Pose is damn tough. Hopefully smart training and a a few posing tweaks can help things along.


Arash looks great by the way, no doubt about that. His side chest and side triceps is insane. Delts and chest looks incredibly full.

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Wolf looked like garbage, far and away the worst competitor on the stage. Understandable, given what he’s been through. But he was not in the same class as the rest of the competitors, it was very obvious even in his individual posing.

Fred Smalls wasn’t in shape.

I’m kind of surprised you left off Cedric in your top 6 prediction, given that he won last year, lol. He looked fantastic, he was just up against some serious competition.

I was happy to see Bonac win, he looked incredible. Had the freak factor going for him in a way that nobody else on stage did, particularly with his legs. In my head throughout the whole show, I was trying to guess if Jackson or Bonac would take the win, they were clearly the 2 best on stage. Jackson is just so polished and brings an amazing package to the stage. I really thought that the judges might prefer it, given what Arnold seems to prefer out of bodybuilders, and the way he raved about Cedric last year. Glad to see Bonac take the title.

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yes, my mistake.i forgot he was competing. :slight_smile:

i really didnt expect such a great line up. lionel beyeke was awesome, steve kuclo was awesome. even lukas osladil was awesome.

bonac and jackson were close but i definitely prefer bonac. dude is missing nothing. unbelievably complete physique.

jonathan delarosa, fred smalls and dennis wolf were great disappointments.

everybody is excited about kevin levrone in arnold australia but im sure it will be a huge disappointment too.

Depends on what you’re expecting. If he produces a better package than at the Olympia, I think that’s a great result.

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But its been hyped like kevin levrone is a threat to the title for months.

The entire arnold ohio line up is going to australia. Top 6 is a miracle even if his legs improved dramatically. We all know that.

I don’t think anyone is seriously expecting much out of Levrone, not aside from just seeing the former Legend in not even close to his former condition.

We all learned out lesson after Palumbo hyped the hell out of him at his Olympia appearance, going on and on about how he was a legitimate threat to Heath, and then,… well, we all remember how that turned out.


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he looked terrible as i expected. he was much better in 2016 olympia and this comeback thing was supposed end there.


Winklaar beat Bonac? WTF Australia? Lol

He’s blaming water retention from the travel, but that’s one of the few times I’ve ever looked at a guy on an IFBB stage and been like “damn, he still needs to loose some fat”. Ugh. Just awful. Worse than the Olympia. There is obviously something wrong with his right leg.

yea that’s ridiculous. he’s as lean as me right now, and ‘water retention’ never makes me look like that. holy crap that’s ugly.

that’s why i respect shawn ray. he had one of the best bb careers ever and after the decision to retire, he never looked back.

his reply when levrone challenged him to make a comeback ( which was even more stupid ) was great as well.

look at Yates,… still regarded as one of the best ever, walked away, doesn’t even lift anymore (yoga, hiking, biking), enjoys His life and admittedly doesn’t feel the need to stay huge to please others. Not saying he didn’t enjoy his time as a pro in the 90’s, but has nothing left to prove.