2017 SPF New England Multi-Ply Open

My next meet will be the 2017 SPF New England Multi Ply Championships on March 11, 2017 at Red Island Crossfit in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

During the off-season I have been concentrating heavily on raw strength in the squat, bench, and deadlift, as well as heavy concentration on hip strength and upper back strength.

I will be doing a 10 week peaking program to prepare for this meet, very similar to the peaking program I did for my last meet. The early portion of the peak will consist of high volume work in gear, with high volume raw work and high volume accessory work as well. Midway through volume will be dialed down slightly and accessories will be fewer. And as the end of the peaking program nears, doubles and singles will be implemented and accessories will end.

My training will consist of 4 days a week training basically broken down into a Dynamic/Accessory lower day, Max Lower Day, Dynamic/Accessory Upper day, and a max effort upper body day.

Weeks 10 through 5 will all be to a box with weeks 10,9,8 to a high box, 7,6,5 to a parallel box, and at 4 weeks out the box will be removed and circa max will start. Some of the lower accessory work I will be incorporating heavily into this meet prep will be good mornings, stiff leg dead lifts, rack pulls, front squats, and belt squats.

As for my upper work, Dynamic/Accessory day will consist of some variation of a raw bench press (regular, bands, wide/close grip, etc) based on where my current weakness is, and then back/shoulder/triceps work. Max Effort bench day will consist of shirted work, with the first severasl weeks being high volume with volume decreasing every weeks and weight increasing. Boards will come into action at 4 weeks out with a 4 board, working the boards down to a projected 3rd attempt to a 1 board at 2 weeks out.

At 4 weeks out from the meet, I will enter into a circa max phase for squats and add in heavy single board work working down from a 4 board to a touch for overload singles. My goal is to post each workout here the same day, however based on scheduling and how busy I am, I may post the entire week on Saturday afternoon.

Lastly, my previous meet PRs are 465/350/400/1215. My goals for this meet right now are 500/400/500/1400. These are my current goals. Based on how my training is progressing during this meet prep cycle, I may adjust these goals.

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