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2017 Predictions


Wanted to start a thread discussing any predictions you guys have in the realm of politics.

For the people who said Trump had no chance to become president, this is your chance to redeem yourself.

What do you think we have in store for 2017?


The Progressive Clinton Foundation will replace zero pipes in Flint.

Oprah will enter politics as a Common Sense Liberal Billionaire “counter Trump.”


Trump will Tweet.

Trump will make good decisions.

Trump will make absolutely poor ones.

Americans will die under his watch and as a result of his decisions.

Putin will become even more emboldened under his watch.

The SCOTUS will have 2-3 more “Conservative” judges added.

In many cases, we will see him given much more leeway and “benefit-of-the-doubt” than Obama ever was, both Legislatively (both houses are in GOP control) and publicly.


Going to remake the same prediction I had when Tillerson was announced. There will be an attempt to have a detente with Russia with a mind to squaring up to the Chinese in the Pacific.

But shite if I know what will happen. My track record is no-so-good lately.



Me too, LS!

The irony for me is that the only Presidential Election I have predicted correctly was the most **un-**predictable one we perhaps have ever seen…this last one!


(Oh…and maybe Trump will grab a little pussy along the way…!)

  1. Either Clinton or Sanders will die

  2. A moderate sized scandal pertaining to one of the Trump family members will occur

  3. Surge in white fertility rate (this might be during the course of Trumps Presidency not 2017 specific)

  4. Trump’s approval/favorability rating will soar

  5. Wheels will be in motion to build a wall

  6. uptick in female eating disorders from trying to aspire to Melania level beauty

  7. some of the current sanctuary cities will cease being sanctuary cities and they’ll be large migration to the ones opposing the federal mandate


I must admit, raj:

Those are interesting and intriguing predictions.

Clinton has not looked well in recent public appearances.

In terms of family scandal; Trump’s son’s in particular seem to have his arrogance without his experience.


We may not agree on much, but that is a very interesting list.


Both Clintons look like they are on their last horcrux.


What about those of us who predicted that Hillary Clinton would never become President as long ago as one year before the election?

(Okay, that’s not really on topic but I must mention it whenever I get the chance because I don’t feel I got enough credit for that one. Especially when some of the allegedly really smart people predicted otherwise)


I almost fell off my chair laughing at that one. No President in the history of our country was treated better by the press and his own party than Barack Obama. If Trump gets 33% of the leeway that Obama got he can consider himself lucky. But I do agree with you in terms of the both houses of congress.


Zeb’s ego showing through :wink:


Trump will violate conflict of interest laws due to allowing his children to run his businesses rather than put them in a blind trust.


ALEC’s number of corporate partners will increase exponentially with a presumed favorable business environment.


I expect no less from you, Zeb.


I predict that budget hawks will have a very, very bad year.


Republicans will squander their chance to repeal Obamacare.




As I said I will try my hardest to live up to your expectations