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2017 Olympia - Who You Rooting For?

Just wanting to get an insight into if people are excited for the olympia and who they’re rooting for.

I’m personally wanting Breon Ansley to win the classic division

and then im excited to see what dexter brings, and cedric.

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Will this year be the year that Big Ramy lives up to the hype?

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Sadly most fans of the sport I talk to don’t even care about the open anymore. Phil is gonna win, but can you say he’s faced the same level of competition as previous winners?

I was talking to Brick the other day and we were rattling off the names of Amateurs in the 90’s who would destroy today’s pro line ups.

For the Classic division,… well, I’ve got my favorite to win :slight_smile:



Na, not at all.

I think though that because of his lack of real, serious competition, people (I don’t mean you, Stu, just people in general) tend to downplay how good Phil’s physique actually is.

He comes in thick, full and nasty every time, and has awesome structure.

I care more for the classic than the actual mr olympia, the whole phil steam
Rolling everyone is boring, is like to see if ramy will challenge him.

Who’s your favourite to win??

I really hope so, the whole phil Heath train is boring me

I honestly think if Ramy were to match phils conditioning we’d have a serious contest, but it’s never happened. That’s why until he actually beats a top caliber pro, no ones genuinely worried.


Phils physique is excellent in 2017. Unfortunately if he were competing in the mid-late 90’s he’d be just one of the top 5.

I always loved Mike francious. He was the first pro I ever met and was cool as hell and very friendly and helpful to me and my brother. I mention him because he was a f-ing beast, and even beat flex wheeler one year at one of the non-Olympia pro shows. I recently came across a few images of Mike in an olympia line up next to Dorian. I share these here just to show you how crazy the level of competitors were during Dorian and Ronnie’s reigns. (I think Mike took something like 8th?)

This is why no one gives Phil credit. Google francious next to anyone else to see how huge he was and then come back and see him utterly destroyed by Dorian.



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I actually cant believe how little I follow this any more. I still check in every year to see who’s who and whatnot, but considering how hardcore I was about this 10 years ago its amazing to me how small a part of my mind it is now. Just an observation

I think perhaps with the age of youtube celeries there is less focus on “the big show” and more attention paid to the people who are most compelling on camera. Also just way more day-to-day exposure, which erodes the “mystique” of the big event.

That said, I will be keeping an eye on it and this thread to see what people are posting.


It’s not a contest though. I mean it’s interesting to see how guys come in every year - I look forward to seeing what insanity Roelly Winklaar brings - but Mr Olympia is a job.

It’s responsibilities are meeting sponsors, promote bodybuilding and to make yourself presentable in a WWE style contest once a year which you “win”. When someone who can do that better comes along, you’re sacked lol.

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Any news of a comeback or a fun entrant this year? Any up and comers to look out for? is Kai still out?

Flex in classic. That looks like it will go worse than Kevin Levrone last year…

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x2 reeeally hope he doesnt shit the bed.
Among other things his forearms look pretty funky but he’s refusing to train them till the very last minute as they “respond too fast”

Dude looks pretty jacked to me. Certainly out of the embarrassment category. I tried to find some vids/pics of his legs and couldnt find any, thats where Levrone was most noticeably behind the other competitors (although Kev would still be the biggest guy in 99% of gyms by far)

Yeah, im still excited to see it though…

Yup kai out man, think he signed with the bodybuilding super league or something and is leaving the IFBB.

Honestly I’m a bit impressed with how wheeler looks, but levrone only showed his upper body as well leading up to last year’s Olympia and we all remember how that panned out.

Also, I get the impression that because flex was so dominant as an open pro that he may be sorely underestimating just how impressive (and big) some of these classic pros really are.


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Has wheeler showed his legs yet?

Chris bumstead has a good bit of mass on him!

Just dropping this here for a little peek…

Also of note the fact that they upped the weight limits, so anyone 5’10 who had to sacrifice a bit of size to come in at 204 lbs last year can now weigh 210.



I’m still team breon ansley, the guy’s posing is phenomenal, great size and great condition