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2017 Men's Physique Prep

17 more days. This weeks focus switched from what i originally posted, so ill let everyone know whats going on. After finding out who 5 of my competitors are, my coach and i learned that the majority of the class isnt very shredded, as in only one of them has visible abs. Because of this, we decided to keep my carbs steady this week, with a hope to put on a half pound.

Im already very lean for physique, so if now i focus on filling out without spilling my size will be more competitive. I dont want to look to stringy and dieted out next to bigger fuller competitors.

training this week is pretty heavy, most sets are in the 6-8 range. As many reps as i can get without a spotters help, next week im going to stick with positive failure sets, however vary the rep range and really focus on posing between sets

This extra 1/4 cup of rice is tasting great :slight_smile: i hope everyone is having a great day/week

One more thing, im not sure whats going on, but my energy levels are abnormally high this prep. last year i cut from about 172 to 152 in 18 weeks and it was just miserable, i had no energy or motivation, this year ive lost the same amout of weight, 181-162 but i feel fantastic throughout the day. Ive done minimal cardio compared to last year and i think that might have something to do with it, im not complaining but it just seems odd

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11 days out. peak week plan is in place. This week i want to drop another half pound after keeping my weight consistent last week. Things are really coming together, and im liking what i see. I stumbled across some of last years pictures, 1 day out pre tan and right after i got off stage for finals…the improvements i made were very drastic. I am 10 pounds heavier, and leaner. My waist is the same as last year (27 inches on the dot) but arms are up 3/4 of an inch, and there is alot more fullness to my chest, and width to my back.

I threw in an extra day of training this week, id rather lift than do cardio so instead of a 4 day a week split, im training a 5th day, so monday wasnt my last leg day. Thursday will be. Which i dont mind becasue it didnt go as well as i would have liked it too. Focus has just been off

I know im getting close becasue everyone around me has been noticing both good and bad things these last few days, and have really been pointing out that i am much snappier, and having episodes of “girl hormones” as they say, but ive also been getting quite a few compliments on my abs and things like that lately, so i guess its paying off

I know i said i wanted to do 3 shows this year, but i think im going to back off to 2. The second one i was originally planning on which is 2 weeks after the first falls on my jounier prom. I know it doesnt seem like a big deal, but i only have one jounier prom of my life, and the next 25 years to compete. So post show im going to stick to a reverse diet, and aim for the “Big cheese” Wisconsin state championship in Augest. Hopefully being able to get “Mr. Teen Wisconsin” behind my name. After that ill be taking a few years off of competing to prepare for Marine basic training, and putting on enough size to compete in Bodybuilding in about 2-3 years.

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Hey mate, how did the comp go?

Thanks for asking! i placed 5th out of 12


Any pics?

Not bad at all. I appreciate it. Keep it up dude!