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2017 Log of Fun - Redemption

Why not,

I will probably start this in the next few days. Maybe.

No positive/constructive/friendly internet interaction from bored forum dwellers allowed here. Only unpleasant amusing things.

EDIT: For the time being this log is about my low dose and low length steroids ‘‘TRT’’ usage with the testosterone from my doctor

Exercising with my invisible monkey helper

Moonface clan training

EDIT 2: Prescription is now consumed, huge and easy gains were made



Now how do I log and what do I do:

I do exactly the same thing every week until it becomes easy. The exact same thing. Then when it’s easy enough I do something just a bit harder and I do it every week until it becomes easy enough.

For low reps max effort exercise it’s the weight pyramid I choose before doing it which I succeed to do or not. For higher reps (5+), it’s the amount of reps I get during my set.

Medium effort is when I pick a good weight and do it properly just to work the muscle but without bothering about records. Low effort is practice.

I will only write what I do once, then I will only write what’s different. If nothing is written, it means it’s exactly the same as the last time I did it.

Actually I loosen my position and I will tolerate any comments.


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1-DB bench (in sets of 8):
push ups, 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150x6

2-DB incline
75 90 105
120: set 1: less than 20, set 2: more than 10

3-Hammer strength iso lateral wide press (yes that’s the name) (pps)
2 3 3p+25 3p+2x25. High reps

4-Bench press (1 rep)
135 185 225 245 260 280 295 310

Max effort on 1 and 2
Medium effort on 3
Low effort on 4

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And next thing we know;
"Actually I loosen my position and I will tolerate any comments.


How about the past election cycle for unpleasant and amusing?

If the nick is a reflection of location as in Arkansas, then I’m guessing you didn’t want HRC anyway - congrats! I sure as hell didn’t. Would’ve liked to see a different republican get the nomination maybe(?), but we’ll deal with what we get.

Wait! I’m sounding like a “bored forum dweller” huh? UtOh - sorry?

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I am just going to say this.
Donald Trump is my favorite republican.
I don’t like Donald Trump at all.



Pretty sure I understand the implications of those two statements :).


1-DB Lateral raises (sets of 10)
35 42.5 50 60 65
70: set 1: less than 10. set 2: less than 10

2-Barbell press: (sets of 2)
95 135 155 170 185 195 205 210 215 220 225 240x1

3-DB press (sets of less than 10)
65 75 85 95 105 115

4-Seated barbell press (sets of less than 10)
135 165 195: more than 5. 215x1

5-One arm machine standing lat raises

6-DB lateral raises
37.5 50: more than 20

Max effort on 2
Between max and medium effort on 1 and 3
Medium to low effort on 4
Low effort on 5 and 6

When it’s not a compound exercise low effort means a set focused on muscle connection thing

Only one kind of barbell press for me: one third of the way between a military press and a push press. Easy weights are strict because I don’t bother using legs.

Once again lots of FUN


2 days ago: arms

Warm up: cable triceps extension, machine curls

1- Dips (sets of 5)
Bw 1p 2p 3p 3p25 4p

2-Hammer curls (sets of more than 8)
Don’t really remember, up to 100 then 110 or so

3-Barbell flat triceps extension (sets of more than 8)
95 115 135 155x less than 8 175x#

4-Barbell curls (sets of more than 8)
95 135 155 175 195

5-DB curls

6-DB one arm overhead tricep extension

Max effort for 1 and 3
Medium effort for 2 and 4
Low effort for 5 and 6

On barbell curls I could do whatever reps and weight if I wanted, it depends on the form. I won’t write anymore numbers for that since the exercise is pretty qualitative. The form on DB hammer curls is more consistent, I can’t really make it that much stricter but thinking of it I will never DB curl 150lbs on each hand so there is no point on writing numbers for that at this point either. Actually there is no point of even writing a log but a man can be bored sometimes.

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What. Who curls 195 for a set of 8 lol?

I have tried going up to 245.

It’s only a curl when you look at it from the outside.

It doesnt look that bad but It’s more like a whole body trick. Still works for biceps.

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More like a upper body trick.

When your torso is slightly angled in the front and your elbows are back it makes a big difference in the weight your can take.


Yesterday: Legs

1-Front squat (sets of 1)
95 135 195 225 250 275 295 315 335 355 365 375 385x0 395x(-)

2-Leg press (sets of about 8, pps)
4 6 8.5 11 13 15 17x1

3-Romanian deadlifts (sets of 1)
135 225 315 365 405 425 445 465 485 510 545 580

4-Walking lunges (long run and stride)
70 100 (1 set)

5-Squat (sets of 2)
135 225 275 315 345 375 405

6-Leg curls


Max effort on 1
Between max and medium effort on 2 an 4
Medium effort on 3
Between medium and low effort on 5-7
Low effort on 6

Alright this day isn’t going too well. The other days are going well so it doesn’t really matter.

I did 405 front squat pretty well a while ago, then failed 410 a bunch of times. Figured I had to do more sets with a higher percentage while not going as heavy. Did 350 360 370 380 390. Upped to 355 365 375 385 395, failed 395 a couple of times. Today is the second day I fail 385 on this, but since it wasn’t worse than last week I am not worried. It’s really not the kind of failure that wrecks yourself.

Leg press is meh

Romanian are still comfortable but a bit harder than before. I am up from the same progression, but with sets of 2 until 505 540 575. I will add sets of 2 from the bottom and go 515 550 590 since 585 is too depressing. Still not close enough to my max that it becomes too draining.

Walking lunges are great.

Squats are meh but could be worse.

So with this day I wrote a full LOOP.

I will now only post new ‘‘cool’’ things, like when I get 150x8 on DB bench or when I manage to do 405x5 back squat after everything without catching a breath.

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Still 150x6 DB flat bench, but tried 160 for fun for 1 rep after for the first time.

Just to get a feel of it and because I had someone to help me for the first so I can do the second from the top.

Just for fun.

This is the log of fun for 2017.

En francais su vous plait

Just letting my log know that I strongly disagree with the article of today on the front page

Nothing really better in 3 months or so,

DB bench has gone down to 150x5 for a while, so 1 rep less.

I know that if I keep it up it will become 150x6 for 2 weeks, then go to 150x7 the week after for one week, then back at 150x6 durably. Then I will hit 150x7, then 150x8 the week after, then back to 150x7 for a while.

Bumped top romanian deadlift working set to 595x1. Going to keep it this way, 5p+2x25lbs is cool, 600x1 is pretty cringe. 605 and 610 too (605 more than 610), so I’ll bump to 615 (5p+2x25+10lbs each side) sometime in the far future. Could go up now if I was a jackass, but I have grown wise with the years and there is no point.

Going to rotate DB press before barbell press soon, it’s going to be with the 120lbs instead of 115lbs, then I’ll do 1 top set of less than five with 125lbs probably. Reason: some middle aged 300lbs ginger guy did the 120lbs once in my gym (but for reps), will have to do the 125lbs regularly. Already can do it for low reps.

This will be as soon as I finally get 240x2 barbell, which could be anytime now. Barbell sucks by the way, garbage tier exercise that doesnt work for me but I told myself I had to 240x2 before going to DB again. Switching now would be a psychological failure and open the way to degeneration (even if I already am but that’s not the point). Can’t wait to go back to my TRUE LOVE.

Also neutral grip chin to 180x1 (4 plates). DB row are bumped to 260x5, I don’t even know what that is now. Started using straps on sets heavier than 170lbs instead of 150lbs. Pull ups up to 125x1, then more or less 15 reps with +25, then BW for 1 set.

Back training is going very well since I fixed my elbow pain with grip work. I train it after back and legs and it hasn’t even gotten stronger, I don’t think it’s even in my genetic to grip above 405lb lol.

Front squat is still meh, will maybe bounce back to 405 or so soon.

Bumped bench press up to 325x1, low effort after everything.

Finally some things are a little bit better in 3 months or so.

Injected 35 mg testosterone enanthate this morning as part of a shitty TRT made in Quebec. That’s like 3-5 time my natural daily production. Then I trained. Definitely not natural now. We will see how shit things will become later this week with the estrogen rebound, if it will make any difference.

I think I finally maybe got a glimpse of why there is a lot of big time juicer who can’t lift. They never learned to use their body, nervous system and skills in lifting in the first place if that makes any sense. They only use the muscle fueled by hormone.

Didn’t help at all by the way, still didn’t get 240x2 press.

Does anyone even read that crap


You’ve got plenty of fans!

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I do.