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2017-2018 NFL Season

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Pats are still the team to beat this year, and that sucks.

Watching the Stillers preseason game vs the giants. It warmed my heart to watch Antwon “Valentino” Blake get burned for a TD. So glad he isn’t getting burnt for us anymore.

TJ Watt playing as advertised. Hope he starts.

I can’t wait for the season to start. My team is going to suck, but at least it will be interesting.


Waiting to see if Flacco is going to play early on this year. I think the Raven’s have a real good shot at an SB run if he does.

As a true blue Dolphins fan, this is the year that Jay “Just say no to cardio” Cutler lives up to his potential…ha…who am I kidding… 6-10 for the win!

How do they beat the pats?

Same way they usually do it.

*Their games are almost always close. They play them well.

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I hate seeing the Ravens in the playoffs, but I love it too. The 2014 divisional game was nuts.

lo fuckin l … “usually”? y’all are 3-10 against the pats going back to '96. Y’all won a couple big games but have also lost some big games as well - “usually” … this fuckin guy. FTR, in playoff games, y’all are 2-2 against the Pats. Definitely not “usually” hahaha.

On a real note though, Ravens usually make me nervous when the Pats play 'em … very good and entertaining playoff games … reg season can be a bit ‘meh’ depending where y’all fall in the Pats schedule.

Lol, Christ almighty, I’m not talking about from day 1 of the Raven’s organization… Good grief. I’m talking about recent Playoff history (2-2 like you said) and they easily could have been 4-0 if our fucking kicker at the time (Billy Fucknugget iirc) hadn’t missed a chip shot field goal and butterfingers hadn’t dropped a TD.

Anyway, the point was, they play them close in the playoffs every damn time and:

Ya, I know…

Would of tied it…

and this fucking twat

Fuckin Pats and their weak ass division, GTFO!!!

I tell you what, I wouldn’t sleep on the Raider’s this year.

Depends on whether they bench Lynch or not when he averages 4 yards per rush or less.

We’ll see Carr looked good last year and I think Lynch just makes them better (if he’s in shape). I have no idea how their line looks, though.

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So who wins each division? My predictions:



I’d swap the Colts with the Texan’s and I think the Buc will win over the Falcons. Otherwise, I probably agree. Raven’s over the Steelers only if Flacco is healthy.

I miss that Steelers/Ravens rivalry from the early 2000’s. So many names on the other side you love to hate/repect(Suggs, Lewis, Jones). That was a real rivalry with both teams playing hard, not dirty.

Games always went 13-10 or 17-20 if it was “high scoring”. Ben running for his life on half the snaps.

This is probably the Steelers last year to be good for the next decade. Ben is talking retirement. Franchise QB’s are the rarest commodity on earth. We can’t find 32 of them in the whole world.

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Ya, Ben can’t have that many seasons left. The AFC is going to be interesting when he and Brady retire.

Bellechick will take some 6th rounder and make him the new GOAT. That guy is a tactician man. Bellechick 2020 is all I’m saying.

And I hate the pats, because I have to lol.

We’ll see. Bellechick is only good at finding loopholes to exploit (shots fired!)

You mean like the difference between a “pick” route and a “rub” route? I have never seen that rule explained in a way that makes any sense.

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