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2016 RPS Iron Mayhem 1725 @ 218

Today was amazing everything just felt amazing. Took a full two weeks off before the meet and focused on nothing but mobility, massage and chiro visits and it is the first meet I have been to that nothing hurt. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Squat w Wraps
660 3 whites
710 3 white (10 PR)
740 3 white (40 PR)

365 (5 PR)
385 (25 PR)

610 (5 PR)
630 (passed out just above knees)

Last video is a 400lbs bench I did AFTER the meet was over just for fun. Have been trying for 400 for years and while official I finally did and it will go very soon on the platform.

1735 total @ 218

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Wow great meet. Those lifts look like butter, do you think based on these results you will continue to take two weeks before the meet?

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Guarenteed I won’t change a thing.

Super impressive. Super impressive.

(Said twice because this site requires more characters. Who came up with that dumb ass rule and why?)

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Holy hell! You’ve made a ton of progress in the last few years! Awsome! Those squats were a thing of beauty.

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