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2016 Olympic Talk

I thought so of you might like this. Check out the weightlifter.

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I loved watching this.
US Women’s 48 kg. Morghan King. She’s 5’0"

Her training and nutrition.


Not 2016, but speaking Olympic body types. I love to see sports photography. This looks like a cool book. Photographer David Burnett, “Man Without Gravity.”

I have the upmost respect for the Olympic Athletes. I always watch parts of the Olympics because of those athletes.

The IOC is a terrible organization. Athletes are not allowed to do any self sponsored promotion, even on their own social media accounts. Can’t thank their sponsors using words that the IOC claim to OWN during the Olympics. One word not allowed is “summer”. Yet, if you watch any event during the Olympics, during the competitions, you will see several IOC sponsors logos displayed all over the place. These double standards are ridiculous to me. Most of these athletes would not be able to get to where they are without their own personal sponsors (obviously excluding pro athletes).

These double standards arw obvioulsy not limited to the IOC. They are spread out like a disease through every corner of our society today. I think that we as a human race have developed to a point that real change should happen. People with higher IQ’s should be asked to join a committee and start to come up with solutions to problems that can then be sent through government channels to pass legislation that could allow all parties involved in each individual case have policies that are beneficial and good for all involved. Or fair. Giant, powerful organizations should not have to ability to basically have humans as slaves to their money machine. Anyways…

I enjoy watching the Atheltes compete in the Olympics and have a very higj respect for their dedication and abilities. And that weightlifter image looks badass


Australia Women’s Rugby team tackle well.

USA Women are faster, and are keeping pressure on the “better” team.

Y’all should check this out, on USA.

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Love this. I love how a sport can give purpose to our lives :grin:

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mbdix - Your comments about the IOC are spot on as far as I can tell. Lots of corruption documented over the years. FIFA probably has nothing on them.

And the doping scandals/ systemic cheating with the Russians has been pretty discouraging.

I love seeing the athletes. I appreciate all the dedication and work. It’s amazing to see the body types. As a BBer, I see the human body at it’s most athletic as a work of art. I’ve loved watching them since I was a kid, so the IOC isn’t going to ruin it for me now but I hear ya. Knowing about all the corruption sorta takes the shine off, for sure.

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Happy to be corrected but I didn’t think there was any advertising in any of the arenas or thr athlete’s village.

I didn’t even see branding on the Olympic plates which I’m pretty sure has happened at every other games.

I agree. The human body in its highest athletic form is a living, breathing, masterpiece

As a competitive weightlifter myself, it is frustrating (although not surprising) that their description of a weightlifter emphasized brute strength and giant muscles while neglecting to mention the speed, explosive power, and technical precision required to successfully complete the competition lifts, i.e. the snatch and clean and jerk, not the deadlift that they had pictured.

With everything that has happened in the lead up to these Olympics with the shitshow that is Rio and all the doping scandals and corruption, I wasn’t very excited for these Games. Of course, I watched some of the men’s 56kg weightlifting today, and seeing it come down to the last lift where the Chinese lifter broke the world record total on his last attempt to take the gold away from the North Korean (also the reigning Olympic champion, world champion, and clean and jerk world record holder) has got me excited about it all over again, despite all the scandals and the big names who won’t be lifting in Rio.

Not sure if you guys will be able to see that, but if you do, ignore the female announcer, she was wrong on a couple points.

Anyways, back to lurking.

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That’s a great point. You see how FAST and EXPLOSIVE the Oly lifters are. I’m just in awe. I’m just learning the snatch progression, Jonty and I think I have the mobility and the basic strength foundation but I’m just not very explosive at all. Not a sprinter.

The strength foundation part is tricky. Strength tends to be a lot more position-specific than a lot of people think, and the basic strength you get from things like squat/bench/deadlift doesn’t necessarily transfer over very well to the snatch and clean and jerk (regardless of everything Rippetoe says). I mean, look at DoubleDuce’s 300 pound clean from the check-in thread - he’s a strong dude, but when he went to stand up with that, his knees and hips pushed back, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing in and of itself but when they did his back curled up like a terrified kitten, which definitely shouldn’t happen.

Anyways, the weightlifting has been real exciting the last couple of days. The cynic in me has started watching some of the lifters and wondering who will survive the drug testing though (at one point it felt like the camera was zooming in on a female lifter’s acne, and I couldn’t help but laugh).

I think you’re saying that building strength in my arm might not translate to throwing a good fastball. Thanks for bringing me down, Jonty. Haha! Lots of strong people who move like crap.

No, I just started this and am getting the idea just how much is technique. I have no delusions about being naturally good at this. At least people with flexibility/ROM, some basic BB technique, and some basic idea of how to activate muscles might help. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Dark humor but some of this is pretty funny.


Ukraine women’s 4x100m team…