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2016 NCAA Football


Both the Peach and Fiesta Bowls sucked, Ohio State got blown out big time.


Washington did a goodly amount of shooting themselves in the foot, with all of the blown opportunies from turnovers and near turnovers.

Clemson - wow!

Wish I had watched Michigan / Florida St now.


Clemson might be the only team who has a chance against Alabama. What they did to Washington was destruction.


Tennessee handled Nebraska pretty comfortably in an "I ain’t goin’ out like that " sorta game.

Josh Dobbs (UT QB) had a big game, is going to the Senior bowl. I hope he gets drafted and has a great, healthy NFL career. But in reality true life, I’m a little skeptical. Dude is slender. Thankfully, he’s got that Rocket Science degree as a fall-back plan.

-How pissed is Penn State right now?


Pleased with how my Tigers handled a very dangerous Louisville offense and its Heisman-winning QB. Dave Aranda is the real deal.


@MaximusB @ActivitiesGuy
Usc psu 30 sec left


Heck yes!!! Go USC!! (I’m an alum, but lived in PA for many years so this was especially sweet)


Fuckin A ! My alma mater handling business til the end. This is how Rose Bowl games should end, bitter fight to the end.


What class are you ? I’m class of '98.


I was there 1996-2000, but for my PhD. Did my undergrad at Cal Poly. So some overlap with you. They sucked when we were there, with Hackett as the coach. Still had fun at the games, though.


Mayfield throwing some dangerous passes for OU…


OU way too much with QB in locker room, & OU off hot.


Hackett was a bum. Not just bad coach but a dick of a guy.


Who is getting the hardware this year?

  • Clemson
  • Alabama

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Minnesota football coach fired.

“I won’t be up here freezing my ass off, so y’all enjoy the winter.”


Also, Go Clemson


He wanted to gopher a warmer locale.


I just don’t see Clemson beating the Tide this year. That Bama defense looks like an iron curtain.


I heard some ESPN stat dude say that if Alabama’s offense had scored 0 points this year, they would have still won 6 of their games.


Amazing fact ^^^
I heard that in a preseason scrimmage, Alabama defense played Chuck Norris’ beard to a 0 - 0 tie,


Holy shit, I want someone to wipe that look off J. Hurts’ face.