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2016 NCAA Football


Holy shit the ending to the Oregon-Utah game was insane. The game decided with 2 seconds left on the clock.


Absolutely zero penalty for barely beating doormats by Michigan and more importantly - Ohio State. Come on, OSU won by MSU gambling to win.
Thumbs down.

I guess B1G going through the same issues as SEC, when 1/2 of the conference being rated?



Been waiting for MI vs OH St for several weeks,

Will watch Iron Bowl unless it gets lopsided, but think FL vs FL St will be dogfight

TAMU, WA St, Houston got exposed down here at crunch time.


#Wow oh Wow!
What a game.


Definetly did not disappoint! I was anxious, and I didn’t even know who I was pulling for!

Auburn kicker has a leg! 52 yard field goal, no problem!


Michigan vs Ohio state was a great game, double overtime.


I liked watching Iowa beat Nebraska, they seemed like they play better when they are against ranked team.
Ferentz puts a lineman in nfl like every year, Chris Dolye their strenth coach has a lot to do with.

We dont get the 4 star recruitment, that the SEC has , so when they get to Iowa they live in weigh room first year, hell we got a running back who can bench 500lbs.

Plus are players can read when they are out of college. Ferentz just signed a 10 year 49.5 million dollars contract.


My Auburn Tigers continue to be hot garbage. We have a championship defense and a JV offense (no slight to real JV offenses intended). Offensive play calling cost us games against Clemson, TAMU, Georgia and now Bama. We won’t ever win with this coaching staff in place. 8 win seasons are the ceiling, and only if we continue to have an elite defense. We are becoming Vandy.


Tennessee lost to Vandy! Really disappointing way to finish the season. Looking back, the Vols could have easily lost 3 or 4 more games this year. Rocket scientist quarterback is graduating. Next year could be messy.


Vandy really isn’t a bad team this year. It took Auburn having a workhorse performance from Kam Pettway to beat them. That being said…it is still Vandy.


After being Pre-Season #9, and a “Team of Destiny” through September, it’s a harsh dose of reality.


Washington & Colorado both look pretty blah to me.
Do not think they look playoff caliber, but probably WA in.


Colorado looked awful, their starting QB goes down in the first 5 min of the game, then tries to come back in the 3rd quarter to throw 3 interceptions. I just hope they fall low enough to put USC in a favorable position for the Rose Bowl.


Lots of games today and wife accepts dinner invite tonight during B1G Championship…@#$%&#@!:confounded:


Don’t like Washington and not sure on Ohio State but here is your Final 4
Lesson - don’t get beat, schedule cream puffs, and if you have to have a loss - do it early and preferably by a non conference opponent.


Looks like our rooting teams are all on 1/2/17 except for Flats, me Oklahoma for about a dozen years or so

Any games looking forward to? I want to see Penn St and USC


I was thinking of getting tickets for the USC/Penn St game, but I really don’t like dealing with the Rose Bowl itself. It’s at the top of a mountain, with one lane going up and one lane going down. Last time I went to a game at the Rose Bowl, it took 2 hrs just to get to the bottom of the hill.


On the bright side, you probably could leave at half time,

Actually I am curious how good Trojans are.
This is a fair test.


Agreed, this will prove if they are the real deal or just hype.


The Sugar Bowl should be interesting, depending on which Auburn offense shows up and which Auburn coach is calling plays. If we use multiple QBs, run plays out of the wildcat and the ND box, you guys mop the floor with us. If we hand the ball to Kam Pettway 30-35 times and run play action passes off of that, it’s a good ballgame down to the wire.