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2016 NCAA Football


I only have a mild interest in UH, but you beat OK U and Louisville, then get beat by Navy, SMU, and barely beat Tulsa?

I would maybe continue holding off on contract extension if I am UH admin.


I watched Washington dismantle Stanford a few weeks ago, and I watched Nebraska barely hold off Indiana this past weekend.

It depends what you mean by “for real.” By the standards of “Can they win 10 games and go to a nice bowl?” then yes, both are for real. If you mean “Can they challenge for a conference title and/or spot in the playoff?” then I vote yes on Washington but no for Nebraska.

Nebraska really struggled offensively against Indiana. The Hoosiers are not the doormat that they’ve been in the past, so this has to be graded appropriately, but still…they got beat up front and the QB couldn’t do much for the first three quarters (his final numbers looked OK after a 72-yard TD pass where Indiana defenders ran into each other and the Husker receiver could have jogged the rest of the way, but at one point he was something ridiculous like 7 of 21 for 85 yards). Looking back through their other results tells me that this was no fluke, either…they’re a very soft 6-0. They might even win the Big Ten West, depending on what happens with Wisconsin the rest of the way, but they’re not a threat to any of the top 5-8 teams in the country.

Washington, on the other hand, is legit. Stanford has struggled the past few weeks so it’s not as much of a marquee win as it first appeared…but the dudes can absolutely play. I’m buying the Huskies. The only thing that makes me nervous is teams with no major recent success often hit at least one stumbling block in a game you don’t expect it…


Good analysis bros!

It’s fun to watch teams go from being good to being contenders. Sometimes you can see team learn, like one “lesson” a year. Like losing one in expected game. Or a “trap game.” Then next year, that doesn’t happen.


My Auburn Tigers are getting after it since Gus got out of the play calling business. I see no reason why it won’t continue this week against Ole Miss. The Rebs are weak against the run and we just hung 500 something yards rushing on Arkansas. The Iron Bowl is shaping up to be a final 4 play-in game. Should be fun to watch the rest of the season.


3 games this week with both teams ranked,been fewer weeks with both teams ranked it feels like this season

#3 Clemson vs #12 Florida State - Tiger test
#7 Nebraska vs #11 Wisconsin - NE real or not?
#4 Washington vs #17 Utah - Bleh, who knows?


Houston coming from behind! I almost talked smack at half-time.

Is this Duke Catalon dude a legit NFL prospect?

Also, go Georgia.


Tennesse, 113th in the nation in turnover margin? That’s not gonna cut it!


Big 12 not representing this year.

Texas got so greedy with their money grabbing, I am surprised conference could stay together. Particularly after losing TAMU in their best several years in a while.

Fl state rb is FAST. Enjoyed that game.


Only saw the highlights. Looked like he was in X2 speed.


Yeah. He got the corner a couple times where the Clemson DB’s just totally underestimated his speed. The first really long touchdown run should have been a tackle for no-gain, but he outran the DB to the corner.


The rankings are here including the 1st playoff rankings - there is a big surprise here at #4



You’re not kidding. I kinda get it…A & M’s only loss is to an Alabama team that’s destroying everyone…but I do think that’s putting the screws to Washington just a little bit. The Huskies have been impressive all season.

Other notes:

  • committee is showing a healthy amount of respect for the B1G. I love the conference and its tradition - I grew up a Penn State fan - but ranking five teams in the top 12 seems a little much, especially given that PSU got absolutely smoked by Michigan. Obviously they earned some of this by beating Ohio State, but #12 seems high for PSU at the moment. This does bode well if PSU, Nebraska, and Wisconsin can keep winning - will give the appearance that whoever ends up winning the league has several quality wins.

  • the complete opposite is true for the PAC-12. Washington is the only team in the top 14. Ouch.

  • I think it’s a real possibility we might even have a two-loss team in the playoff. It’s extremely unlikely that all four undefeated teams will actually finish undefeated. We could even end up with a couple multi-loss teams winning league titles. One interesting possibility that I’ve seen tossed around: if Michigan runs the table and then plays 10-2 Wisconsin for the B1G title…and Wisconsin wins…which of them ends up ranked higher in the final rankings? 12-1 Michigan fresh off the title-game loss, or 11-2 Wisconsin? It depends on several things, like how close the OSU-Michigan game is, but still…some interesting hypotheticals out there right now.


These hypotheticals are why I always wanted an 8 team playoff - 5 power conferences but 4 slots? The chance of a legit top team being left out of 8 would be slim imo.

However, I would like to see a revamping that will never happen: equal size conferences, play each team in conference and no championship, roll back to traditional geographies, power teams playing the doormats of other power conferences rather the little sisters of mercy in the tune up games, you are a major - get in a conference, you are a multi time hooligan bye bye & service academies or tiny religious schools move to Div II.

Too much $, these will never happen.


I agree with just about all of this. But, as noted, for a number of money-related reasons (the biggest being that power-conference schools want to play 7 or 8 home games a year and can only strong-arm the little guys who need the big check into playing road games with no return trip; the second biggest being TV dollars making conferences pursue odd moves like the B1G adding Rutgers, solely to pretend that the Big Ten Network now has “the New York market” and should cost more) we will never really see that.

At the very least, I wish they would roll back the rule allowing FBS teams to count wins over FCS teams toward bowl eligibility, or better yet, ban all FBS teams from playing FCS teams, period. They’re literally playing by a different set of rules (fewer scholarships) and it’s dumb. You want to fill out your non-league schedule with creampuffs, fine, get a game with Illinois, Kansas, or Purdue.

So, if we are going to keep the current system, and…

I don’t think I’ve mentioned in on this thread, but my favorite possible playoff system would take a page from Division III (non-scholarship; where I played!) football. D3 football has 240+ teams and a 32-team playoff. How does it work? The 25 conference champions get an automatic bid; there is one spot reserved for the highest-ranked team that does not have access to an auto-bid (independents, teams changing leagues who aren’t eligible for a league title, leagues that have recently added/lost teams that do not have their auto bid yet); and the remaining seven slots are doled out in a process based on the NCAA’s Regional Rankings (the highest ranked team from the North, South, East, and West Regions are put on the table, the committee-selected best of those four gets in; that team is replaced with the next team up from that region, and repeated until the remaining at-large spots are filled).

This could easily be applied to D1 for an 8-team playoff. Power Five conference champions are all in; one at large bid reserved for highest-ranked team from a non-P5 conference (Boise State, Western Michigan); two at large bids for the two highest-ranked teams not yet in the playoff.

Play the first round games on campus of the higher seed (I would even be fine if it was a rule that you had to be a conference champ to host; I would also be fine with a rule that prevented league rematches in the first round), the semifinals at a rotating cast of neutral sites (existing major bowls), and the title game in the Rose Bowl every year.

Using the first set of CFP rankings from this year…

Western Michigan (little guy bid) @ Alabama (SEC champ)
Oklahoma (Big 12 champ) @ Clemson (ACC champ)
Texas A&M (at large) @ Michigan (B1G champ)
Ohio State (at large) @ Washington (Pac-12 champ)

I know there would still be plenty of complaining about this, too…SEC fans would bitch about the inclusion of any non-P5 team, and you’d have the occasional year where one conference was a little down and their champ was like 9-3 (might happen with Big 12 this year). I don’t care. The coolest thing about this is that everyone has a road to the title, you still give a leg up to the P5, and you’d no-doubt-about-it get at least the 4 or 5 best teams into the field.


TAMU dropped the ball


Very interested in Michigan - Ohio St now.
Nebraska called and looking to reform Big 8,haha

#1 - 6 took care of business


The iron bowl should be interesting if things continue the way they’re going. Alabama looks good, and has been tested multiple times by good teams


Here is new playoff rankings list



My boys just beat #4 Washington in Seattle


Rankings will turn upside now with losses by #2, #3, & #4 all getting beat this late.

Can’t believe this thread is so dead…
Maybe it should be retitled football bubble tea :7)