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2016 NCAA Football


Stanford - Buh bye.

Highest ranked matchups this week
#3 Louisville vs #5 Clemson
#8 Wisconsin vs #4 Michigan


Tennesse beats Georgia with a super dramatic Hail Mary! 4 lead changes in the fourth quarter. 2 lead changes inside the final 19 seconds! Even Butch lost it!

Interim Coach Orgeron had LSU ready to play! Things must have been tight under Les Miles. USC decided to go with some drunk guy over Orgeron, last time has was an interim coach. Can Offer on get this job?



Week 6
AP & Coaches polls starting to mirror


at A&M this week is highest ranked game this week, I think.

Although A&M has the worst conference home record since joining SEC, I’m still rooting Aggies.

  • Sent a bunch of tuition money down there several years back, which is influencing my pick.


It’s easy to root for A&M.

Any other time, I’d pull for them, because of their huge Corp of ROTC Cadets. It should be a fun game, either way.

If Tennessee wins, you can eat some pork bbq Sunday.
If TAMU wins, I’ll have beef brisket.


A bit surprised there isn’t any action on this thread.

I love the unpredictability of college FB
other than AL decade after decade,


I guess it depends on how you measure success. Apparently 8 to 9 win season aren’t what LSU is after. Yes, I know he fell bass ackwards into a NC game. So did Gene Chizik. I didn’t say Miles was a bad coach. He’s not. He is a very good coach. He just never adapted and changed. Saban changed what he was doing when he recognized it was time. Miles recognized it was time to change, said he would change and then didn’t.


Wow what a fight.
Tennessee sure lost the ball over and over, but Aggies didn’t capitalize.


Sloppy but exciting! It sucks to lose, but it’s worth it to actually care about a game and have it be so crazy. My hands were sweaty, I yelled out loud a couple times.

I don’t know if you gamble, but the line moved all over the place on that game. I wonder how many people won/lost/pushed depending on when they bet.

Looking at that stadium, it’s pretty clear what A&M did with your tuition money.


Michigan 78
Rutgers 0



New rankings. Think BCS rankings begin after this week


#1 Alabama vs #9 Tennessee - If TN off can kill turnovers, may be a game
#2 Ohio St vs #8 Wisconsin - Time to see if WI wants to get in the Big Time


They call it a Blood Moon, but it looks more Orange to us.

Everyone is hype!

Saban, Kiffin, Tide Nation, the #1Ranked Team, all at the same time. In Neyland Stadium! which will be the 7th “Largest City” in Tennessee on game day. Hurd is coming back.

Butch is going to be so raspy and hoarse!


Nobody is getting laid in Knoxville tonight. Start the hang overs early.


Whew AL laid the smackdown.

OSU vs WI was a barnburner though.


Refs totally favored Alabama. Tide offense was allowed to hold on every play. Special teams were allowed to block in the back. The defense just grabbed and tackled guys before they got the ball.

Look at the screen pass Bama intercepted and ran back. D-Line dude was engaged with an O line man, saw the screen coming, and just stuck his arm out to grab the RB. Then he just threw RB to the ground, while still engaged with the O lineman. It was a monster sasquach play, but illegal as hell!

Punt return for a Touchdown?! Bullshit! How is this not a Block in the Back?!


Week 8 Rankings

Only big ranked game
#6 Texas A&M at #1 Alabama

I have no reason to think TAMU will win except maybe the bye week has rested some legs and let injuries heal


Alabama looks pretty good. Maybe I’ll take the over, watch the game and root for lots of touchdowns.

I’ll be more interested in Florida games than Tennessee games all throughout November.

Has anyone seen a Washington or Nebraska game? Are those guys for real?


1708 yrds of offense in Texas Tech - Oklahoma game. It was like watching 7 on 7 in off-season.

Happy Birthday @FlatsFarmer - just you and me here I guess…lol


A rankings shake up after Ohio St got beat by Penn St


PS My alma mater dropped from #11 off the top 25 haha


I was watching “Christine” with the woman, and missed the shoot-out!

What’s up with Houston’s coach? His name was super hype last month. Will be stick around, or is he looking for a bigger job? Can U of H pull together enough money to keep him?