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2016 NCAA Football


What… no interest this year?

Watching Louisville give a teachable moment to FSU at the moment.

Rice marching band poking Baylor fans for your entertainment


Good for Rice, but that was some pretty sorry “marching.”

Tennessee fans are anxious. The team is not meeting expectations.

Reakwon McMillan, LB, OSU, is the first guy I’ve heard of named after a Wu Tang member, so that’s cool.


Several beatings yesterday among the ranked teams and maybe after next week, we wiĺl see who the real contenders are this year.

Alabama once again seems to roll whenever they choose, and Louisville – wow.

Edit Ohio State looking pretty tough for young team… We’ll see if they can last the season as pressure builds.


Did you see JT Barrett hitting some band pullaprts with a mini band during the rain delay?


I had guests and was trying to discretely see why ths game wasnt started from the dining table, without raising the ire of my sweet and socially conscious wife. :wink:


Yeah, that was really pretty awesome. Nice little movement lol.

And man, Alabama with a strong comeback


You need to read that Rice video link on the OP.
Nearly as brutal as PWI threads,lol


New poll for week 4.

Hard to see how a Uni of Houston stays high with their conference unless Louisville does also and UH wins at the end of the season. Would be quite a shocker.


My Auburn Tigers would be 3-0 right now with a competent middle school coach acting as OC. I seriously see better coaching on Monday nights at my kids 9th grade games. It’s sad. Any offense at all and we beat Clemson and A&M. The AD should have went down to the field and fired everybody on the spot the first time the notre dame box made an appearance against Clemson.


Tennessee Beat Florida in dramatic fashion!

We love Butch again!


A&M crushed Arkansas in 2nd half.

2-3 plays different last week, and I wonder where Ole Miss would be ranked after destroying another ranked time this week.

Every game is crucial in NCAAF unless you are Alabama or maybe Ohio State.



Week 5


Ole Miss got a massive break from the refs and still couldn’t pull it off. They’re a good team, but I think they got things to break for them against Alabama and still didn’t pull it off.

Curious nobody is talking about Les Miles being fired. LSU has shit the bed so far this year. No idea what Fournette (spelling?) has to play for other than not getting hurt. LSU is crazy talented but couldn’t put it together, nail in the coffin was winning the game but having it called back due to time (correct call). Tough way for a game to end.


I’ve watched a few games. More of an NFL guy. Penn State looks decent this year.


He’s kinda been in hot seat with smash mouth offense a while I guess and being compared to Saban endlessly would suck.
Enjoy this


The SEC dominates this list as well. Woo hoo y’all.


The replay guy did LSU a favor by getting that call right at the end of the Auburn game. Les should have been gone last year, if not sooner.


Yeah, because any time you can fire a national-title-winning coach with a career record of 114-34 in the most savagely competitive conference in America, you know, dump that motherfucker.

LSU won something like the fifth-most games in the country during Miles’ tenure, and it’s not like they were falling off the map. They were 9-3 last year. The only sin that Les Miles committed was happening to be in the same conference as Nick Saban’s Death Star at the wrong time. This is 100 percent driven by paranoia that LSU is falling behind Alabama, even though LSU is one of about four programs in the country that has been in the same zip code as Alabama for the last decade. Miles took over for Saban, who left a program in very good shape but not exactly juggernaut (went 9-3 and finished 16th in postseason poll his last year) and ably piloted the ship to the tune of five top-10 finishes, two national title game appearances, and one title.

Wiseasses always come out of the woodwork and say shit like “LSU is such a fabulous program, though, any coach can win there” or “With the talent on that roster, it’s a crime that they were 9-3 last year, a good coach will get more out of that program.” Two major problems with that train of thought. One, recruiting is a major part of college football coaching, and even if it’s frustrating to watch a team full of blue-chip athletes struggle to execute, the ability to get those guys in the door still matters. There’s no guarantee that Les’ successor will be able to recruit nearly as well as the Mad Hatter. Second, lots of “fabulous programs” that looked like they’d be dominant forever don’t really hold up. Early-2000’s Miami looked like even more of a juggernaut; so did mid-2000’s USC; so did mid-to-late-2000’s Texas. Very few programs are actually so good that you can just set them on autopilot and churn out a consistent winner every year. Tennessee kicked Phil Fulmer to the curb after a down season and it took them eight friggin’ years to recover, suffering through the Lane Kiffin and Derek Dooley disasters. This shit isn’t as easy as it looks. LSU isn’t some program where national title contention is a birthright; they were just “good” for most of the 1990’s (finished in the final Top 25 twice in that span, never in the final Top 10).

His game management isn’t the best. His offense is frustrating. LSU hasn’t been able to develop a good QB. And you know what? He still piloted LSU to nearly unparalleled success in a brutally competitive SEC for a solid decade, never finishing with fewer than eight wins. Two years from now, when LSU gets their asses kicked by Arkansas and Ole Miss en route to a 5-7 finish, they will rue the day that they ran off the most successful coach in school history.


Miles makes $4.3 million per year, and his staff is the nation’s highest-paid at a combined total of $5.471 million per year.

I guess if you make $4.3MM and staff averages $547K per man - you better win.

  1. That is not at all out of line with what other SEC coaches make. Miles was “only” the fourth-highest paid coach in the SEC and nine of the 14 current coaches make more than $4MM per year. It’s a big number, but not apppreciably bigger than most other SEC coaches, all of whom (except Saban) have experienced less success than Les did at LSU. Which brings me to point two…

  2. Miles did win. A shitload. LSU is something like fifth in the nation in wins since 2005, when Miles took over the program. 114-34 is winning! In what world is going 114-34 with a pair of national title game appearances in 10 years not “winning” enough? Here are the only current coaches that are in Miles’ stratosphere of success over that decade (truncating guys at 2005 to match Miles’ tenure at LSU):

Nick Saban: 109-18 at Alabama (2007-2015)
Dabo Swinney: 79-27 at Clemson (2008-2015)
Urban Meyer: 65-15 at Florida (2005-2010); 53-4 at Ohio State (2012-2015)
Jimbo Fisher: 71-15 at Florida State (2010-2015)
Gary Patterson: 114-33 at Texas Christian (2005-2015)
Bob Stoops: 113-36 at Oklahoma (2005-2015)
Mark Richt: 103-41 at Georgia (2005-2015; somehow fired, will never understand this)
Mark Dantonio: 89-34 at Michigan State (2007-2015)

Maybe I missed a couple here, but these were the guys that came to mind off the top of my head who have been at their current job for at least 5 years and have been consistent winners. Georgia and Mark Richt serve as a nice cautionary tale here…they just got wiped out by Ole Miss, and my money is that they’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’ in the SEC this year. Firing a coach who’s been that consistently good has rarely changed a program for the better.