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2016 American Open Orlando


Live Coverage of American Open
Dec 8-11

I’ll be watching.


The Women from Juggernaut took first place. WHOOT!!! I don’t train at their facility, but still just so exciting. My coach was competing with the men. Some really nice lifts, but he didn’t place. Just great fun to watch.


There were some big lifts that went up. Lots of good young talent in USAW right now, future is looking bright.

Who’s your coach?


Hi Jonty.

He was one of the other men lifting for Team Juggernaut who is NOT Colin Burns. It was exciting to see him get to compete.

For sure. Just amazing. I usually like to watch the women in the smaller weight classes, but did you see Quiana Welch? My goodness. She competed at 168 lbs. and won the 90 Kg class. I wish I’d have gone over to take a lesson from her while she was down here preparing. That would have been really fun. @minimaltechno, you might like seeing her lifts. Phenomenal.

Did you see this? So cool to the the side by side. @Aragorn.


Good looking lifts! The Open is fun and in a great place to boot.


Some great performances from the youth.

Some of the bigger names missing with and without excuses. All 4 of our olympians, Alex lee, holly mangold (ex-Olympian)