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2015 SPF Ironman Classic Write Up for Myself and Sam Byrd


First meet I have compete in I didn't do drastic measures to make weight and won't lie it was nice. Stopped drinking and eating 4pm on Thursday weighing 220. Woke up froday morning after alittle relaxation in a hot the night before at 213.8 some how.Felt great had about 600g of carbs, 3 gallons of fluid, and good bit of sodium and bloated up to around 222 and change from all the fluid and carbs. Weighed 219 at end of meet.

Dustin Squat:
Opened 580 rushed set up got pushed forward but saved it 3 whites.

Second 620 looked beautiful depth I cut at literal just parallel as I was using a m
Knee wrap with Velcro and pinned it behind my knee and I felt it pop so I came up asap. 2/3 whites.

Third 650 best squat of the day was too easy. Had a another 10-20 no question. 65lbs 220 class meet PR. First 3x bw squat with out cutting water.

Sam Byrd Squat:
opened 830 literally killed it 3 whites. I called his depth on all 3 lifts personally so whether it looks high or not I saw it was good.

Second Attempt went 900. Took slow desent easy weight. Got forward in the hole and had to correct half way up 3 white lights. New All Time World Record by 18lbs.

Third attempt 915. Real slow desent called him up popped out started to grind finished through with a nice grind. 3 whites. NATWR by 32 lbs.

Dustin Bench:
Opened 320 smoked.
Second 355 slow 15lbs 220 class PR.
Third was ahead of my goal so shot for 370 pretty much stuck 3 inches off my chest.

Sam Byrd Bench:
Open 380 3 whites
Second 425 3 whites little slow on right a.
Third 440 3 whites very hard grind.

Dustin Deadlift
Open 570 smoked
Second 600 smoked 25lbs meet PR at Amy class for me. This lift has eluded me for almost a full year so for it to come up so easy on the platform was almost emotional.
Third 620 tried adjusting my set up and screwed my self barely broke the floor.

1605 @ 213.8 Juniors.

Sam Byrd Deadlift:
650 to damn easy being safe so to secure his Squat record.

715 missed pulled so hard bar ripped right out of his hands.

Decided to still go for his goal of 2115 and pull 760. Unfortunately today was just not the day. Missed at just below knee level just fell backward.

2005 @ 219

Dustin Reed SPF Ironman 1605 @ 213: https://youtu.be/HaXndI0_Olk

Sam Byrd SPF Ironman 915/440/650/2005 @ 219: https://youtu.be/B3VmMPYkGmM


Thats cool you got to witness that. Byrd is an amazing lifter.

Congrats to you on hitting some big weight! Especially on the bench. I think I remember you having some shoulder issues.


Nice job on the PR’s. Haven’t seen you around here as much lately so glad you are still out there crushing it!.


God damn! That 830 was fast as hell. Nice lifts guys.


Reed: Really great lifting. Pretty sumo. Looks like your leverages are optimal for PLing.


Awesome meet, would have been awesome if Sam hit that final deadlift.


Thanks guys definitely the most emotional and awesome meet I have ever been apart of.

Here is another video of my girlfriend. Her first meet. 5 months ago she decoded she wanted to start training and do a meet. She couldn’t squat a 45lbs bar to depth or bench bar for even a rep. She hit a 515 @ 140 juniors.

Brittany Buckner SPF Ironman 148 Junior 515 Total: https://youtu.be/mKogcV5JzhU


Congrats! Nice to see you continuing to hit big PRs.


Brilliant results! Great for you to see Sam Byrd’s records up close too - he lifted very well. Good job.


Reed: is sumo pulling new for you? My memory isn’t the greatest but I thought you’d been pulling conventional before…any reason for the switch? Feel like it suits your body type better? IIRC you used to have problems like ripping 600 right off the floor and basically failing at lockout - is that the reason for the switch?


Thanks every one honestly means a lot.

Activitiesguy- I have played around with it in the past here and there bit never really made ot a priority before. With conventional I swear I could pull 650 off the floor but couldn’t begin to push my hips through. With Sumo I am slowler off the floor but generally speaking if I can break it I can keep a constant speed and actually push my hips through. I actually pulled 640 a few weeks ago with it. I tried 620 at the meet but after the whole day it was just yo much for me and I couldn’t hold position.