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2015 NAS National Championships


Anyone eles headed to Iowa to compete next week?


I have a goal to qualify within the next two years. But not yet.


Well, I finished up at 18th in the National Championships. Not too bad. I am going to work really hard and hopefully get in the top 3 next year!


An awesome showing Alpha. You going to do a write-up? You've got a lot to teach.


Awesome job. I second that I would love to read a write-up on your experience.

What happened with the log? Was it time or did he call resting on the head?

Did you think there was a point to the push/pull medley? It seems like the pull part was a meaningless time filler.


For any of you who are interested, here is a link to my Nationals Event Write up: neversate.com/wrath/2015/10/5/2015-nas-strongman-national-championships-event-write-up-and-thoughts i hope you guys like reading my thoughts about how it went. i am going to write a separate article about all of the things i learned during the competition. I'll be sure to post a link to it here when it is done.

Silyak: I explained what was going on with the over head press i my write up above. It was all in good fun. And I have no idea about the push/pull medley. Every single person i talked to thought it was a dumb event...But if they run it, I guess you have to do it...

And thanks for the support fellas, it means a lot!


How many years of training did it take you to qualify?


I qualified after my first contest. I already had 18+ years of lifting under my belt so the transition to strongman was a pretty easy one


I've been doing strongman for about 18 months now


Nice job Alpha. Does the winner from here get invited to Arnolds Amateur 2016 in ohio? Anyone got full results of the open mens (SHW?)


Full results here:

Also lists who qualifies for the Arnold.


Does anyone have any idea what the events are for Arnolds amateur 2016?


Nice job all around.

Personal opinion, those were pretty dumb events for a national meet. That obviously is no reflection on your performance though.

I'll be at the USS Nationals in June. It should be awesome.


That was my opinion on some of the events, too. But since I didn't go, I figured I might not have the best perspective. It's not so much that the events were all bad as it seems there were significant gaps in the programming while having a fair number of events that were testing some of the same things. Also, looking at yoke times, I question the ability of manual stopwatch operation to accurately rank 30+ guys when in some cases .2 seconds can jump you half a dozen places or more.

I'm hoping to qualify for USS nationals, too. If I do well, I might see you there.