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2015 Cooperstown Monster Bench


Footage from the 2015 Cooperstown Monster Bench. My first time benching 300lbs in competition. While this lift would never pass in any federation, I'm still really happy about my performane yesterday.


Nice job. We all start somewhere and you should celebrate every milestone. I just hit an ugly 365 a couple weeks ago, and I know it wouldn't pass either, but it's still a PR.


Nice work and congrats on finishing 1st place!


Great lift Gage, I hope to meet you next time I am in Rome. Remember to keep your butt and your back flat on the bench when your lifting. It might be OK now but when you weights go up, and I am sure they will, it can make a huge difference especially as far as injuries go. Remember, big totals come from big pulls and big squats! Lift safe and drug free and forget suits and super tight raps for a while. You have come a long way in a very short time. You should be proud.
Brian Burke Jr.


Nowadays big totals come from a big squat, big bench and big pull, lol.