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2015-16 NBA Season


So, how many of you motherfuckers who were talking shit all playoffs about the Warriors want to come on here and make the case that they’re overrated NOW, huh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

But seriously, can anyone stop this team? Is there a better play than Curry right now? No and no. The guy’s amazing. I haven’t seen a scorer like him since Jordan, and his defense has really stepped up the last two seasons. He’s also something like 30th in the league in minutes per game, and he leads the Warriors in that category, so I don’t anticipate injuries and fatigue wearing this team down. Just like last year, they are already making the necessary preparations against Fortune.


[quote]DBCooper wrote:
Just like last year, they are already making the necessary preparations against Fortune.[/quote]


Here’s hoping that GS, SA and CLE all have their key guys healthy from May until the middle of June.


Watched the entire Celtics/Warriors game. No Thompson, Thomas blew an 8 footer to win, but jeez, Draymond Green is awesome. 5 steals, 5 blocks, double figures in points. Terrific team.


^^ Yeah, after D Green put up that 5 x 5 stat line vs BOS, I only have good things to say about his game.


Well, the Cavs slowed the game down and played just the way they’d like to against the Warriors, and they still lost.

The Cavs also had all their starters, while the Warriors were down Harrison Barnes. And the Warriors still won.

While some may point to the dismal shooting night the Cavs had, I would point to the Warriors’ defensive efficiency and argue that it wasn’t entirely a stroke of luck on the part of the Warriors that the Cavs shot so poorly. Besides, I told y’all last season that Kevin Love would get shut the fuck down by Draymond Green, and that’s exactly what happened. How many points did Kevin Love have, like 8? 10? Where was his rejuvenated post game?

The only real threat to the Warriors are the Spurs, and possibly the Thunder.


How 'bout those Niners.


[quote]jjackkrash wrote:
How 'bout those Niners. [/quote]

You should be embarrassed to still call yourself a fan of the NFL.



Man, those who said the Warriors were lucky to beat the Cavs last year are REALLY looking like idiots now. Yeah, I’m talking about YOU, Raj and Agv. Fuck, you guys have absolutely no commitment to the game of basketball if you thought Kevin Love would have made any sort of difference against the Warriors last year. Tristan Thompson at the power forward position is a FAR better matchup for the Cavs than Love is. Tonight’s game was a fucking joke.

The Spurs, on the other hand, scare the shit out of me.


Hey Raj!

Since it’s looking like the Raptors are going to be the favorites to come out of the East now that the Cavs are on the verge of a team-wide implosion, we should get an avatar bet going for the Finals.

How about this one? If the Raptors manage to lose any of the four games they’ll play by less than 10 points, I’ll sport a Barney avatar, or whoever the fuck the Raptors lame mascot is these days.

If they actually win a game in the Finals then I’ll sport any avatar you want for the rest of motherfucking ETERNITY!

You fucking people are all a bunch of fucking SLAVES! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I find it absolutely hysterical that you and aggv, the big basketball fans with the commitment to the game, won’t even come in here and participate in an NBA thread. LOL! Too scared to take your fucking medicine? Too scared that none of your infantile, ignorant analyses of the game hold up under scrutiny? Which one of you fucking losers said the Warriors would probably come out and maybe compete for a spot in the conference finals this year?


I don’t watch much basketball, but that Warriors/Thunder game was incredible. Warriors will have a clear advantage if they hold on to the 1 seed and get to face the Spurs/Thunder after they duke it out in a tough series. Either way, the top three teams in the west look really good.


I really thought OKC had the personnel to matchup with GS’s endgame lineup.

I mean, they do.

But after the results of their latest matchups, it’s starting to look like GS is in OKC’s head and envisioning an “upset” actually happening is getting awfully tough.

edit - actually, it’s not just GS who’s inducing these 4th-quarter collapses by OKC


Anyone think Toronto has a chance against Cleveland or blood bath like all the experts are predicting?


Just saw this.

If Raptors take one game from Cleveland I’ll be absolutely ecstatic


Now that the dust has settled, what are everyone’s thoughts on this year’s (first ever) UNANIMOUS MVP?


Dude had a goal.

To make it happen he had to do some shit nobody ever did before.

It was awesome. It was transcendent.


I’d be happier if the “experts” out there like stephen a smith would just get on camera and say something like:

“I clearly never know what im talking about. I should beg espn to keep me for $30k/yr. otherwise ANYONE ELSE in this world could take my job and do better at it”

After each game it was:
Game 1: can cavs compete?
Game 2: cavs are done
Game 3: cavs have figured out the warrioirs
Game 4: why the cavs should be worried
Game 5: can the cavs do it?
Game 6: we’re too stupid to predict, so we will just double down and provide the ways how each team could win.
Game 7: lebron is GOAT and curry sucks



Good for the cavs, cleveland, and the nba. A rivalry is developing between lbj and stephanie curry and that makes for great lead ups to games. I hope we see these two teams agin next year.