2014 WABDL Worlds Championships

Lifter’s unite. :slight_smile:

For the first time ever, WABDL will be Live Streaming the 2014 Worlds Championships from Las Vegas.

I am in the flight scheduled for Friday, November 21st at 10:30am.

It is also my understanding that they are highlighting the female lifter a little more this year. There will be gender specific trophies and women cut shirts. Though I don’t do PINK, it is one of the colors being offered.

Hope to see some of you there.

Okay people…here it is. This is the link for this year’s WABDL 2014 PUSH-PULL World Championships. OH YEAH. The schedule times are based on Las Vegas times so you’ll have to do the time exchange if you’re interested in watching. This is sooooooo exciting.