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2014 Olympia


I'm surprised there's no thread yet, as we're a little more than 2 weeks out.

Curious if anyone has any thoughts on this year's event.

-Is Heath beating Kai a done deal?
-Can Ramy actually place top 5, possiblky top 3, or is he all hype until he's actually stood beside the top tier guys?
-Wolf's been doing well, is this his year, or will he be overshadowed and we'll have to hear more about his height and high lats hurting him?
-What about Rhoden, I haven't heard much lately...

-Is the 212 a total lock as far as Lewis repeating? Has he made the gap between him and the "rest" of the top dogs too much to overlook, even if he comes in a little off (a la Yates)?

Also, I believe this will be the first year in I can't recall how long that it will actually be televised. No, I'm not talking about streaming the Online feed over your Smart-TV (like I usually do -lol), NBC actually made a deal with AMI.



Thank god someone started a thread, i've been wanting to for ages but thought no one was interested.

Ramy will be no higher than 6. Wolf is my favourite and I hope he places 3rd again. However, Kai seems to be going for the size game again and if he looks even more bloated than last year whilst Wolf looks as good as or even better than last year, he could squeeze in. I would like to see Dexter at 4 and Rhoden at 5.

Heath will likely win again and i'm ok with that. My admiration for him has grown with each victory. He is consistently on point, unlike Kai who has only brought his best in 2012.

The NBC coverage is a bit of a joke considering the show won't be aired until mid October.


Kai looking huge

Wolf arm training


Pretty much agree with all this.


i heard it was being broadcast on live tv a while back but i haven't heard anything since. is this true anyone know?

edit. just re read stus post. nbc it is. awesome


Sooo I've been wondering why there isn't a womans bodybuilding forum. :frowning:

Also, I know you guys are all excited as far as the men's division(s) and all, but any thoughts on women's bikini?

Who do you think might take it this year?

Perhaps Latona?

You can't deny you're excited about the bikini divisions. Tehe.


Would love to see kaltwasser repeat.

Same top 3 placing as last year. Phil, kai, then wolf. Want to see Compton place well

212: would love to see Clark do well





Phil is looking crazy, will walk it in. Just a question of how the places go.


Phil has it in the bag.

The only question is how the other places shake out.

I'm not a fan of Dennis Wolf like many, no big reason just not a huge supporter of him. I don't necessarily believe that people deserve a placing based on seniority either, so I'm not a Kai band wagoner on that note too.

I would like Ramy to come in dry at 290 and place high to shake things up and make people (other competitors) nervous for 2015--Phil needs more true challengers. I like Shawn Rhoden's total package and as Dexter "The Blade" for his longevity so seeing them do well would be a treat.

Otherwise no real thoughts on the matter. I think Phil is gonna have to literally break a leg to win fewer than five Sandows. OK that was my last thought on it all.


Compton is not competing.

im most interested in seeing whether or not Ramy can place in top 6..seeing where Roelly places after his rough offseason. etc.

Im really more interested in seeing how the newcomers do - like Delarosa and Morel.

id like to see Kuclo do well


C'mon Rhoden!

Like his physique best


In regard to Ramy, I've seen him before (NYP), and while very impressive against non-Olympia top 3 levels guys, I don't know if he'sll bring the conditioning he needs to be as real threat to any of the real top tier names.

I'd love to see Clark end up in the top 3. He really impressed me this past May, but similar to Ramy having never stood next to Heath or Kai, Clark has to stand next to Flex and go toe to toe with s guy who IMO has easily put a considerable margin between himself and the 'rest' of his class. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him mind you.

Rhoden does indeed probably possess the best combination of size, conditioning, balance, and no real structural weaknesses (Phil will always look horribly narrow to me in his front lat spread, and no one can convince me otherwise). If he doesn't simply get outsized by guys with less conditoning or with obvious symmetrical issues, I can easily see him fighting it out for a top spot again.




friend is competing - last years #2 physique competitor - tycie coppett.
frustrated that many folks can't begin to believe that certain O competitors are natural. women like DLB and few others can be natural. 120-150lbs on stage naturally for a woman isn't a blinding feat.

tycie is much taller than DLB and her x frame is nicer - she remains oddly unknown, full time educator, believe she is finishing her doctorate degree while going the show. her delts particularly from he rear are siiick.

again hoping for Kai - it appears he's going big this year. if he can stay tight and small in the abs 2012 but be freaky big overall he might fair ok...he needs to be 100% nut case shredded to win. if he does this he can beat a 100% phil.

Agreed Ramy needs to get his condition sick to even be mentioned in the top. looking forward to seeing Wolf. Dexter looks beefed up size wise as well.

Any word on Rolley???? he was getting bigger and better until the bike wreck.

no interest in the other stuff - i hope Garcia - fitness, hangs it up, she's great and all but old and dried out looking, the last few years have been gifts to her.

wilkens looks sick this year- happy to see her in great condition...i suppose care about the other divisions a bit.

212 - i like jose but nobody is beating flex.


Dana Lyn Bailey looks absolutely awful.. any victory that she has received was a complete 100% gift... a sham really. politics.

Aaron clark did stand next to Lewis on the Arnold 212 stage, and I really feel that he held his own against the champ.. my only concern regarding him, is that I believe that he has maxed out his physique for the 212 class.. he is in peeled condition at the moment, at 217..
he is a taller bodybuilder for that division, I believe around 5'7-5'8. it will be interesting to see if he can beat David Henry for second by having a more balanced physique (david is of course, top heavy).

Roelly is working with Aceto, who said that he (roelly) is looking phenomenal.. for that to come from Aceto.... I can't wait to see it.

it really is a pity that Cedric is sitting this year out, with the package that he brought to the Arnold, it would have been interesting to see how much he shook up the lineup.


Its crazy to me that people still try to argue DLB is natty.


I think if Ramy nails his conditioning he's easily top 6, possibly beats Wolf out for the third spot.

I still think Kai has a win in him if his conditioning is on, He has the overall mass and thickness to beat Phil, and IMO Phil's chest/narrowness really hurts him in certain poses against Kai.

There is no one who can threaten Flex right now, but i think Aaron has got the second spot in the bag. Next year he will easily take the O if Flex decides to move up after this victory. I also agree that Aaron has probably pretty much maxed out his potential at 212.

Very interested to see how Morel does. He has a fantastic physique and has made incredible progress, ive become a big fan in the last year. i think he becomes a top 6 guy in the next year or two.


just curious why you think dlb looks "awful"