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2014 NFL Thread


So today is the day for the real start of the season. I know the HOF game was on Sunday but for some reason that game always falls flat to me. Maybe it is the small venue, who knows.

Okay any early predictions?

I think the Pats have done some interesting moves on the defense this year. Revis and Browning on the corners could make this Defense scary.

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2014 NFL Thread II
2014 NFL Thread II
2014 NFL Thread II
2014 NFL Thread II
2014 NFL Thread II
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I think Pats and obviously Denver did some interesting stuff. Denver pulled a Dallas and are trying to pay for their championship. Assuming Manning doesn't shatter I think they have a really good chance and should be fun to watch.

I haven't paid a lot of attention this offseason but I'm obviously really excited for what Skins are hopefully going to do. I've got $50 riding on the Skins sweeping the G-Men this year with a buddy. I think the Iggles struggle a little without Jackson. I don't touch Dallas b/c I have no idea what to ever think of you guys hahaha.

I'm excited to see what Tampa and Cleveland put out as well (wish Gordon was still there)

EDIT: No idea on my SB prediction for NFC. Denver for AFC. I don't think Seattle can repeat but I can't really imagine who is the strong shower until I see some actual football.


Pretty sure the Giants are due a Superbowl ring next year. Played abysmal a couple years now a 2015 Superbowl should be right around the corner. 2007,2011, and 2015 is next.


Looking forward to watching a season of gang green this year

a 10-6 season and a playoff birth is very very possible. This is the year has to show he has the ability, Geno does have some weapons (Decker, Johnson, Ivory, rookies like Jace Amaro) . The jets arial offense was one of the worst ever last year and still managed to get to 8-8. Their front line is one of the best in football, secondary, on paper is weak but Dee Milner showed flashes at the end of last season and Calvin Pryor has a ton of ability. If Dimitri Patterson can stay healthy, it might be a solid enough secondary. (10-6)

While the pats defense especially secondary looks fantastic, their offense still IMO hinges on Gronk, he will break something again and that offense will be mediocre again relying on the likes of Thompkins and Ammendola and Lafell. (11-5)

I really think people are sleeping on the Giants, a revamped secondary, new OC that should lend itself positively to Cruz and Manning. Plus I believe The RB duo of Jennings rookie Andre Williams will be solid. If Randle can run crisp routes, Odell Beckham shows promise and JPP can morph into what he was I believe they win the division. (11-5)


To hard to tell on the G man Matty, the whole O line is revamped that may take a few games to gel. Their LB's are also unknown and still need to show what they can do. Will be fun to watch.


I would start Vick. You know he's going to get hurt so Geno will get his chance, but Vick still has the skills and the experience to get your team a few wins early.


The Texans D has a chance to be epic. I am not so sure about the QB situation there though. They had the chance to shore up the QB position in the draft and they didn't do it. They moved their chips in to defense. So I guess we'll see how it works out. I can't wait to see that defense play though.


I am excited to see if the speed the Steelers brought in this off season will pay dividends. If so, the playoffs are in their future. If not, another 8-8 highly disappointing season.


Agree on the O-Line, what used to be one of the best in football is now basically brand new. As far as their LBs go, it seems as if their style is not predicated on LB play and has been somewhat mediocre even in their hayday


When Vick first got signed (which kiled me) I thought in order to save Geno's confidence you had to start Vick, the other way around especially with a tough schedule and a clunker of a game fans and the media will call for vick immediately. It may be crushing to Geno's confidence.

If Geno falters horribly and Vick comes in as a savior, you will never see Smith again (except for injury)and once again the Jets have no QB of the future.


Geno is going to be fine. & though, the Jets are hedging their bets by giving Vick a series or 2 w/the starting 0, I just don't see it happening. Geno's in a good place (adding almost 15lbs of LBM) & having Vick there to mentor will only make him a better qb.

BUT! That's why they play the game....................... You never know.


Oh and Andre Holmes is going to be a stud


All I know this is going to be a LLLLLLOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG season for me. After last years Defense I would say all we can go is up.......but now after the off season. I am not at all confident in that statement.


All the power houses are in the West again. AFC west and NFC west will be the best divisions again.


If the defense can keep its playmakers healthy... It's going to be a fun season for me. If they don't, I'm going to shit my pants every week again.


ye of little faith.


My Pats might actually have a defense this year, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.


this season, film guru Greg Cosell has a weekly spot on Cowherd's morning radio show :)))


Sigh. Dude not to be a dick but I have been a fan longer than you have been alive. Its called be realistic. JJ has set this team up to just out score people, tell me the last time that shit has worked?


PRE SEASON FOOTBALL.....underwhelming as usual