2014 NFL Thread II

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When you asked how many QB’s we went through, I assumed you were talking about how many QB’s the coaching staff decided to start based on performance and giving their team the best chance of winning. Not every qb who has taken a snap because of injury as well. From 2001 to 2005 we went through a period where we were trying to find our next qb. We went through ~8. Then Romo, end of the search.

Brings me back to Manziel. The Browns have their qb answer already on their team. He is just on the bench for the time being. [/quote]

How could you possibly know Manziel is the qb of the future in Cleveland? [/quote]
He is from Texas[/quote]

I mean come on guys, Manziel is cant miss. QB’s like him with his skill set have always performed really well in the NFL. Oh wait…[/quote]

Don’t try and point this out to Cooper in relation to Kaperdick. [/quote]
Beans Kapernick is the next coming of Jesus and will take all to the promise land.