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2013 USPF Nationals


Anybody competing in it? It's May 9-12 in Chicago. I'll be competing at 181.



i'll be there. as a 198. it's like 5 minutes from my house. i did it in 2011. it was a well run meet overall. long day though.


Are you competing raw or geared?



Raw. I need to read the raw rules cuz I forgot if you have to be flat footed when you bench. I've been practicing up on my toes lately.


Shooting for 440 squat, 290-300 bench, and 500-515 deadlift. How bout you?


yup. flat footed bench. better change up my bench setup.


Hey guys, is there any way I can get a link on the info to compete and all. Would be great, Thanks




I'm looking to squat 419, bench 303 or 308, and pull 451. I'm gunning for the 181 raw total record at 18 y/o.



solid numbers! i competed in the 2011 meet at the same venue. overall good meet and well run. decent amount of raw lifters there too. i'll introduce myself if i recognize you. my name is mike. good luck with the rest of your training.


Sounds like a plan. My name is Luke, and good luck to you too.