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2013 Bay to Breakers


I used to go every year but haven't gone the last few times. I think I might be going this year, though. Depends on some other things going on right now.

Any T-Nationers out there planning on participating in the wackiest race on the planet? Anyone ever ran before? Costumed? Naked? Centipede-style?

I ran naked once, but it was fucking cold as shit and I put shorts back on about a mile into the race because I was too embarrassed by my dick's cowardice in the face of the elements.

There's a cool bar called Marlena's on the corner of Hayes and Gough that's right on the course, for those who like drinking with transvestites. It might have changed names recently, but you can't miss it.


Damn, I didn't realize it was tomorrow. I went last year with some friends and it was a fucking blast. I didn't run, though, just partook in the partying for the rest of the day. If I didn't already have plans tomorrow, I'd scrounge up some cocaine and meet you there.