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2012 USA Nationals

I’m Garrett Jarrell, i’ve recently started lifting in the NASA federation. The USA Nationals are on 6/9-10/12. Its in Springfeild Ohio. I live in Texas, but were making the trip. I’ll be attempting to break a raw deadlift world record, and an American push/pull record. Just wondering if anyone else was going, and if you’ve benn before. If so let me know about it.

Good luck Garrett. What weight are you cometing at? Bulldog in the over 35 forum is competing. I only live about 40 miles away so I’m going to make the trip on Sunday to watch.

Thanks DBlaser, i’ll be in the SHW so i’ll be lifting Sunday.

I’ll be there lifting in either the 110kg or the 125kg. So, I’ll see you Sunday.

I did the Ohio NASA meet in April, and weighed 242.7lb; .2 over the cut-off for the 110kg class. But, I’m relatively new so it’s not a huge deal.

Also, with NASA the weight classes and divisions only really matter for records. In terms of who is the “best” at a particular meet, it’s decided by the coefficient. If your coefficient is in the top n-th percentile, you will get some award.